Willingness to risk

<My Dignity #5>
The moment I realize that I can have everything I want in life. However, it takes timing, the right heart, the right actions, the right passion and a willingness to risk it all.

<Why Successes?>
I got it! Why did people get angry and name calling when they got negative feedback? In this game some characters are busy in our head: Ego, Insecurity, superiority, fear and shame .

A scenario: I made a mistake, Oeps! a person gave me feedback. Then I flipped, screamed & denied my shit, called people names and get really pissed off. I created this shit, I created this scene and I created shit for this person who cared for me (and stupid enough to take his/her risk!) . Seriously! it sounded like I was a 3 years old with a full package of characters!  In my powerful mind, I have enough bullshit to support me to escape. Now I created this scene, I distract myself and I forgot my mistake! <Sigh> I didn’t see my mistake, he/she told me shit about it and therefore show time!

Yes, Giving feedback is a piece of art work, it always depends on “how” I deliver this negative message and “with whom” <someone l like, I dislike or I avoid.>

Shit! back to my reality, I was the feedback giver in this scenario. I was stupid enough to give her my negative feedback and Do I wanna die? My new nicked name was nitpicker. <Oh! perfectionism wasn’t my thing & perhaps I don’t see this new character inside me!> It was an awkward moment!

Everyone makes mistake and it’s absolutely OK. I used to hate any mistakes, what I got from it was loneliness, insecurity, negativity, Ego, huge wall around me and WHY?
I don’t do this anymore after my Source training. I realized that I expressed self-love and trust by accepting me, my mistakes and my shit. When I trust & love me, I hug my mistake and I move on! My shitty characters like Ego, fear, insecurity, shame etc etc are vanished. My love to me is more powerful than these shitty characters. I am happier, I open up, I love me, I trust me and I am free.
Now, I dare to say, Bring it on world!

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of joy, I was a happy bunny, my energy was high and I had lots to do. C’ mon world!
  2. With my value of loyalty, I am loyal to myself, I didn’t let her words to get me, she nagged about my blog, my life and now my holiday. What will be next?
  3. With my value of positivity, I got this demotivated remark and on the other hand I was appreciated! I felt important and positive. Fuck it! The world still turns when I am absent.
  4. With my value of love, I shared my events and she rolled her eyes! I appreciated her feedback and that’s life after all.
  5. With my value of insight, I shared my successes and insight with him. “The boss is not a leader” He gave me his compliment <Aha moment for him!>
  6. With my value of joy, I enjoyed my lunch walk with my dear girl, I shared my successes with her and she shared hers with me! I appreciated her inspiration, her care & her love.
  7. With my value of care & partnership, she asked for my support, it was very wrong according to them. I verified this and I asked for tech support.
  8. With my value of care & partnership, I appreciated his support and he gave me feedback on the same day! He clarified that everything was alright! <Phew!>
  9. With my value of gratitude, I gave him my compliment, I was grateful for his support and his input/feedback. I learned something new today and he gave me his compliment.
  10. With my value of clarity, I gave my feedback that everything was alright and one more happy person today! <Yeah!>
  11. With my value of motivation, everything worked, everything was fine and our team worked! It motivated me lots! Thank you beautiful people.
  12. With my value of clarity, I gave my feedback and I found this shit. Oh! it was good to know. Thank you!
  13. With my value of focus, although many unplanned events/tasks were there, I maintained my focus & my energy, I practiced my mediation during my break! It was a great.
  14. With my value of care, I went home on time after an energy draining day and now it’s My time.
  15. With my value of care, she shared her event with me, I was the ear and she appreciated my action! Thank you sweetie.
  16. With my value of love, Although some wrong people are around me, I was still me. Although some wrong things were dropped from nowhere, I was still me. No matter happened, I was still me and self-love was me.
  17. With my value of love, with my sweet baboo at home, with our yummy food, with our quality time, with his bear hug and I am the happiest girl in the universe.
  18. With my value of love, I was loved by my dear Q, he always brighten up my day and thank you so much.

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