Ready To Take Off

Today ~ Ready to take off


It was a lovely sunny day, I loved to see the beautiful blue sky when I woke up.   I gonna miss this and I will start our #AwesomeAsianTrip2016 soon.


#Checked Fact 1

The weather in HKG will be shitty for 1 week, oh! This reminded me home, I supposed! For real cloudy & rainy day won’t kill me and I will suffer in this humid, scary hot place and hey! I am on vacation.


#Checked Fact 2

When I will arrive in HKG, then I will be 7 hour ahead of CET and I feel like that I am back to the future =) Oh I’ll be back


#Checked Fact 3

When I am in the airport, everyone looks way too serious and I was like .. I will leave this country for few weeks and please don’t miss me too much <I wish!> It went smoothly in the security check and those hardworking people appreciated some beautiful smiles too =)


#Checked Fact 4

I have done most of their work, I bought my flight tickets online, I paid of course! Then I checked in online and I ever dropped off, labelled my own suitcase. Why did the ground crew still look grumpy? Oh I forgot again, they gonna miss me for few weeks.


Well, I travel often and I get used to this airport madness. Just relax, enjoy and I will have fun after all. Why worry now? The big green bird is right there, I am ready to board and I am excited to meet my dear family soon.


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