Care for me #2

Care for me #2: Say exactly what I mean

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of dare, I went to primark with my girl, I didn’t like the madness and messiness and hey! I have got a cute PJ and I did it.
  2. With my value of joy, I met my FB friend with my parents, it was amazing and I had a great time.
  3. With my value of love, I was happy to meet my mom & dad and I enjoyed our quality time.
  4. With my value of care, I shared our travel successes with them, I loved Tokyo & Bali, HKG drove me crazy and people were rude.
  5. With my value of joy, I went to home made market with my sweet baboo, I loved to be outside and it was a lovely day.
  6. With my value of spontaneity & fun,   I saw this banner, I ran through it just for fun and we had a great laugh. Woo Hoo, I had fun.
  7. With my value of love & joy, oh my my dad and I are similar and his dislike is also my dislike and we were on the same page. We are 2 different persons, we shared 50% DNA and we shared many goodies.
  8. With my value of openness, I opened up for this old painter, I just trust my instinct and we had a great chat about color blue. Blue is my fav color and I love sky. Thank you sir.
  9. With my value of love & care, this lovey lady shared her love, care and chocolate. I enjoyed our partnership and I appreciated her love for us! I loved her smile.
  10. With my value of care & joy, she gave me her compliment and she loved my “accent”. I appreciated her support and it was pity that this lovely flamingo dress was too big for me.
  11. With my value of joy & commitment, I got some fresh strawberries, some yummy dark chocolate and I ate them when I was hungry. I enjoyed great food, yeah!
  12. With my value of joy, we enjoyed our ice cream in the sun and I loved our afternoon in the city.
  13. With my value of gratitude, I was grateful for his love. I was grateful for his support. I was grateful to be his partner. I was grateful to have him in my life. Thank you darling.
  14. With my value of joy, I took a picture of this wooden bottle opener ( in a shape of a dick) I shared this funny picture on FB and I had a good laugh about it. I love my girl friend’s remark!
  15. With my value of loyalty, I didn’t let his remark to get me. I didn’t like his attitude. I didn’t like his cowardliness.  I didn’t gotta agree or argue. It wasn’t about me, I didn’t make fuss about his BS.

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