Care for me #3

Care for me #3: Don’t be a people pleaser

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of determination, “A task a day” was cleaning the windows outside and  a tiny bird shit was gone, it was all cleaned and me happy.
  2. With my value of determination, the other ” A task a day” was cleaning the luxaflex in our kitchen. it looked like new again and it smelled like lemon.
  3. With my value of care, I took care of me, I took care of our home and I loved our home . 
  4. With my value of greatness, I am the most important person in my life, when I love me then I take care of me. When I am busy with others and I make them more important, then I am the stupid one here.
  5. With my value of dare & fun, On my personal blog page I created this activity “Compliment Day” (click on links and join us), I set few simple rules and I invited my friends to join me.  Be the reason someone smiles today! 
  6. With my value of inspiration, I have heard this great insight from my dear girl “no matter what I do people will always have their opinions about me. Therefore I shouldn’t give a fuck and do whatever I want” Thank you darling ❤ Be loyal to ourselves, darling.
  7. With my value of dare, in my tweet: “When was the LAST TIME you did something for the FIRST TIME?I was on a scooter without helmet,he scared the living daylights out of me!” It was my holiday experience in Bali, Woo Hoo! I dared.
  8. With my value of commitment, from my boredom I thought of food all the time. I committed to me, I ate when I was hungry and I drank water, had a small banana as snack. <Bam!>
  9. With my value of inspiration, I watched 24 kitchen and I was inspired by this program Ten minste Eetbaar tot, by Estee. Instead of wasting the food, I learned some tricks and I loved this logo ” Get in the mood and use all your food ” 
  10. With my value of creativity, what I gotta cook for dinner? Potato, egg plants, courgette and broccoli with Italian herbs in one dish and spekkie came with it. I used every fresh veggie in my fridge. 



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