The Choice

<Just A Thought>

If the door closes quit banging on it. Whatever was behind it, was not meant for me. Consider the fact that maybe the door was closed because I was worth so much more than what was on the other side.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of focus, it was frazy a day with silly things and I stayed my focus <Bam!>
  2. With my value of clarity & determination, I didn’t accept this wrong data, I asked for support  < I was reject> and I can’t go further. My next attempt.
  3. With my value of care,  I shared my successes with her, she was the ear and I appreciated her feedback. <her arrogance was a killer! I let it go>
  4. With my value of insight, I am responsible to my shit. I refused to be a victim. When I fuck up, then I fix it and learning & living are part of my life.
  5. With my value of excitement, I left my office on time, I had an excitement date in Amsterdam <PA yeah!>
  6. With my value of love & partnership, she asked for my support, I suggested some possible solutions and I had some more options! She appreciated my support.
  7. With my value of love & partnership, I informed my DD and she gotta know what we will gonna do. It was part of the game.
  8. With my value clarity, I clarified this with her, we will make it till monday and we had nothing to worry about. Stay calm, others will be calm too.
  9. With my value of partnership, I offered my support, what if they needed me then I will help remotely! Show must go on, you go people.
  10. With my value of love, it was awesome to meet my Essence friend, esp mr KWAK (Paul, I love you!) and I was totally excited to see him again. <Woo Hoo> We had nice chat chit.
  11. With my value of care & partnership, I was known for some people even though I have never met them before <thank you facebook> <thank you blog> and thank you so much.
  12. With my value of motivation, I got this feedback and I appreciated them lots. Yes, this motivated me to write my blog everyday AND I love to do it.
  13. With my value of joy, I enjoyed the process, I enjoyed being a PA, I enjoyed dancing and it was awesome to be part of the training.
  14. With my value of care & love, I asked for support, mr Kwak took good care of me and he drove me safely to the station. Thank you so much & hugs x
  15. With my value of care, it was very long day, I clarified my schedule with my sweet baboo, took a shower and night night! I will have another awesome adventure soon ❤

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