The Best Scary Stuff

<Just A Thought>
No matter how badly someone treats me, NEVER stoop down to their level. Remain calm, stay strong, and walk away if needed.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of love, care & inspiration, I had a conversation with my dear friend, I loved him and I spoke up about this issue with my care. He will “try” stop drinking. In this success, I didn’t gotta convince him, I didn’t gotta be a winner of our discussion , I didn’t nag and I just did with my heart.
  2. With my value of pride & awareness, I was a logic machine, logic is my thing (mr spock is my hero!) and I realized that my emotion & gut instinct are very strong too. Hey! I am a human & I do have feeling too <perhaps it wasn’t on my face!>
  3. With my value of ZEN, I enjoyed my quality time at home. I enjoyed to do nothing. I enjoyed being back to my routine (Ha!) I enjoyed the quietness.
  4. With my value of clarity, I wanna enjoy my free Sunday, I clarified our date schedule with my sweet baboo. It worked for me.
  5. With my value of clarity, I informed this lady that I was busy in the last few days & I gotta send my shirt to her. Yeah! she is my good ol bigger shirt new owner.
  6. With my value of joy & love, EVENT! fuck, I didn’t have the ziplock bag & the new one didn’t fit in an envelop! <Aha!> Crea Sindy kicked this event ass, I packed this shirt with love & with style. I loved the result! I was a happy bunny.
  7. With my value of care, I got this stress call and I clarified what it was about. I spoke up directly & kindly that it wasn’t an issue and stay calm keep breathing.
  8. With my value of ZEN, I dislike his attitude & manner and hey! I didn’t give my fuck and it wasn’t about me! Let it go.
  9. With my value of responsibility, I am responsible to my shit and I do what I have to do. I didn’t blame anyone or anything. It was my way of handle my things.
  10. With my value of joy, I enjoyed my quality time with my sweet baboo and we had our movie night <yeah!>
  11. With my value of power, I kept my cool and just say NO. I realized that your opinion wasn’t my reality and Why should I  get stressed out? In the old me, I would make fuss about this for days! Now I would also say ” screw you!”
  12. With my value of care & gratitude, I was grateful for her care & I opened up for her. It was so great and thanks for taking good care of me!
  13. With my value of insight, I am responsible to me, only ME and I don’t gotta put every shit of the world on my shoulders.  I am free and bring it on, world!
  14. With my value of love & partnership, I offered my support and I did what I gotta do. YES, they made it through weekend and tomorrow it will be the other beautiful day. Thanks for your care & feedback.
  15. With my value of ZEN,  What do I want today? A quiet day, peaceful mind, my focus and the results. When I want something, then I just get it and enjoy it.

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