It might be you

<Just A Thought>
I’ve got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what I’ve got, and remember what I had. Always forgive but never forget. Learn from mistakes but never regret.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of leadership, I spoke up kindly & clear what the issue was. I realized that they carried this “past” package with them and I shared my successes & asking for support is a must. Cooperation was fun!
  2. With my value of love, I loved me and I didn’t make fuss about her Bullshit. It wasn’t about me, let it go and “frozen”! Keep smiling.
  3. With my value of clarity, I realized her CS, I cut this short and I clarified this issue and suggested them to give feedback. Cooperation was much more fun when we were on the same page!
  4. With my value of focus, <Bam!> I loved the great results and now next one. I gotta create something really awesome! <Woo Hoo!>
  5. With my value of joy, I have got her compliment, thank you darling ! I shared my outfit results & successes. Here we go!
  6. With my value of clarity, I appreciated her feedback, it was clear for me and I prioritized the tasks on my desk. <Game on!>
  7. With my value of joy, she gave me her compliment, she loved the result and I was a happy girl too.
  8. With my value of kindness & partnership,  I appreciated her feedback & she let me know that this will be done later. I gave her my compliment & I loved our cooperation.
  9. With my value of joy & partnership, I appreciated his feedback, it was my bad and I didn’t reply his question. I clarified that it was all fine when he sent me his reminder. Thank you so much!
  10. With my value of joy, I loved this result, it worked for me and one issue down. Next, baby!
  11. With my value of care & partnership, she asked for my support, I appreciated their cooperation and it was all good! Thank you team.
  12. With my value of insight, When I trust me, then I go for it. When people gave me their attitude, then it wasn’t about me and I didn’t pull myself to their level. I dared to take my risk to bring this message, I looked for results & cooperation. My image was out of this picture!
  13. With my value of honesty, I wondered why my lunch was this cheap < I never paid attention to the price> and I asked how much it costed. Oops! She made a mistake, she thanked me for my honesty and Oops! I paid more and hey! I paid 50 cents more and I made a new friend. Her smile was bigger <haha>
  14. With my value of gratitude & motivation, she appreciated my work and the great result. After this pretty thing, I might get a cake for that! <Aha, motivation and I won’t say NO to a cake> Woo Hoo.
  15. With my value of love, I loved my huggy sweet baboo and he looked damned good with his handsome clothes! I loved his smiles.

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