Simple Life

<Good stuff to share>
“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of joy, a simple cup of lungo coffee to start my day, a simple smile and a simple words to myself ” I am beautiful” and I made my day.
  2. With my value of happiness, I enjoyed the morning light when I walked to the station, I shared my joy in my vlog and Good morning world.
  3. With my value of care & partnership, she asked for my support and she clarified their schedule with me. Yes, I was flexible and I made this work.
  4. With my value of love & warmth, during my kundalini yoga, I had this exercise and I usually did it with my eyes closed. I visualized my lovely granny and she did the similar exercise when I was a child. I had my smile on my face automatically. Happy me.
  5. With my value of love & freedom, Saying “I love you” or “Thank you” or ” Good morning” is also a way of love. Whatever people react, it was all up to them and I didn’t make fuss about it. This way, my day was lighter and I freed me from my image prison. Just be me.
  6. With my value of focus, I was fine tuning this project, this little detail got my attention and I got this bugger. <Bam> I loved the results and I was a happy bunny.
  7. With my value of fun, I shared these funny posts on my Instagram and FB, I laughed my ass off and I didn’t care when people stared.
  8. With my value of fun, I listened to my “love-alarm” songs, I danced and shaked my butt and I had fun.
  9. With my value of care & partnership, she asked me about this, I didn’t get an invitation and did I gotta be there? Thanks for the invitation, it clarified lots to me.
  10. With my value of clarification, he asked for my support, I clarified this with him and it was very busy at that moment. I gave him feedback, I re-scheduled our appointment, he gotta prepare and it was all fine when it will be a day later. Thanks for your support folks.
  11. With my value of clarification, I clarified and spoke up sincerely about this issue and she appreciated my feedback. I learned my lesson in this circumstance and so did she.
  12. With my value of loyalty, I will never take myself for granted. I threw this back and I believed that I only took my responsibility. Life was easier when I am only responsible to me.
  13. With my value of care & partnership, I appreciated her support & her partnership. I always can count on her and I was there when she needed my support. I loved team work!
  14. With my value of love, I gave my sweet baboo my compliment, he was a funny boy, caring and huggable. Thank you darling.
  15. With my value of  love, I appreciated my friendship with my dear Q, he was the best listener, he was a funny bunny and I love you hunny !

<Just A Thought>
Start forgiving my past self. – When I confront the dark parts of myself, and work to banish them with the light of my forgiveness, my willingness to wrestle with my demons in this way will cause my angels to sing.  It’s just a matter of accepting that sometimes good people like me make bad choices.  It doesn’t mean I am bad; it means I am human.  Get bored with my past; it’s over.  Forgive myself for what I think I did or didn’t do, and focus on what I will do starting now.


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