<Just A Thought>
I am OLD enough to know better, YOUNG enough to do it anyway.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of joy, I was an early bird, ready for our star adventure. Woo Hoo.
  2. With my value of free, I didn’t plan for anything for our trip, I just enjoyed the unknown. <I used to planned my trip weeks up front, every details and everything I wanna see & do … Planning made perfect & also disappointment>
  3. With my value of trust, my sweet baboo arranged this long term parking, I went with the flow and I saw what it was.
  4. With my value of clarity, I asked about this and he didn’t know. Hmmm asking perhaps 😉
  5. With my value of ZEN, we were very late for the boarding, the first and the last time we would do this. <phew ..the last shuttle to boarding>
  6. With my value of joy, I was a grumpy chick and it wasn’t good for me and anyone <breath in> <breath out> and I took a nap on my way to UK.
  7. With my value of sweetness, after the recharging process, I was the same sweet funny bunny again. <woo hoo> I was really cranky when I was late.
  8. With my value of love, I gave my sindy bear hug for my sweet baboo and I thanked him for arranging everything for us.
  9. With my value of awareness, when I was a grumpy chick, then I realized that my negativity effected many things in and around me. <Welcome to my dark side, I have cookies>
  • With my value of joy, with my travel experience & I found our way in any city. <woo hoo> Dora and Diego the explorer were in town.
  • With my value of commitment, we found the yummy food place, I would love a cheese bugger <nom nom> it was the third yummy bugger this week. I would say no. <whahaha> I ate this with joy & my tummy was happy too.
  • With my value of love, I took the other power nap again and it was good.
  • With my value of clarity, I heard this funny noise under our room < Bom Bom Bom ..stop ..Bom Bom Bom> Did someone wanna trash the hotelroom? was someone angry? Hey! I wanna take a nap here. I clarified this with the lady in the reception, it wasn’t any angry birds or hotel customers under our room … some mini boxers practiced in their boxing class in this gym. <aha!> I wouldn’t pissed them off anyway xD
  • With my value of clarity, I went to the gym and checked out what it was. The mini boxer master talked to me and I may watch what they do there. Lovely people, thank you so much! I clarified that I stayed above the gym, we laughed.
  • With my value of love & fun, we hanged out in this town, we had yummy pub food, a few pint and we joined the “pub quiz”. We had so much fun and I realized that I knew what I didn’t know. “The voice “ ? <What> “ X-factor” <que> .. Did I learn anything on the telly? <wahahah …> Our team name is “ flying dutch”

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