Saturdate in Birmingham

<Embrace discomfort to gain mastery>
One lesson I’ve learned is that, yes, mastering a skill is just as stressful as I might think. However, this stress is positive. Although the process of becoming proficient at something takes its toll on me in the form of stress, I also admit that these same activities make me feel happy and satisfied. I see my progress and I feel great about it.
Truth be told, being terrible at something is the first step to being truly great at it. Struggle is the evidence of progress. The more time I spend there, the faster I learn. It’s better to spend an extremely high quality ten minutes growing, than it is to spend a mediocre hour running in place. I want to practice at the point where I am on the edge of my ability, stretching myself over and over again, making mistakes, stumbling, learning from those mistakes and stretching myself even farther. The rewards of becoming great in the long run far outweigh the short-term discomfort that’s felt in the process of earning my stripes.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of happiness, I chatted with this lovely lady, it was her 60th birthday and I sang for her. She was a happy lady and this made me happy too.
  2. With my value of happiness, I gave him my compliment; he had cool outfit and beautiful hair. I thought that it was real & he thanked me. I loved our smiles.
  3. With my value of love, Sharing is such powerful middle to show who I am, I inspired her with my story, I wasn’t alone and we experienced the similar shit in life. Thanks for being there for me.
  4. With my value of insight, When I trust what I do, then I do and enjoy the fullest.
  5. With my value of insight, when I wanna go for it, then just do it.   Degree, title or labels didn’t define who I am and I define my own successes. I am I am.
  6. With my value of clarity, we found what we wanted to see, it was an awesome talk and very inspiring. “Accept they way you are & you will make it anywhere”
  7. With my value of joy, we had the fast pass <la la la la la> and we just walked in & no waiting.
  8. With my value of excitement, we talked to these trekkies in the restaurant and we were all excited. It was great to see folks with their uniform; their fun in life and their energy was awesome.
  9. With my value of joy, omelette with bacon, nom nom for my yummy breakfast. I passed the English breakfast for now.
  10. With my value of joy & privilege, it was part of this Guinness World Record, it was so awesome! I had some selfie fun with these folks Woo Hoo!
  11. With my value of love, we had a long day, it was time to chill out and just the 2 of us. We went to the city and enjoyed our Saturdate.
  12. With my value of care, we went to the city for dinner, <mmm…> we were in the city centre and Jamie’s caught our attention.
  13. With my value of commitment, I ordered small portion of calamari, small pasta Carbonara and a bottle of water! It worked for me and they tasted wonderful.
  14. With my value of love, the best of my day, Tiramisu with pavlova for my desert, <mmm ..> the best thing of my day! I love it.
  15. With my value of love, Oops! I waited in the queue for almost 1.5 hrs and they changed this <huh?> I lost my cool this weekend again <Sindy: Star trek = 0-2> I bloody hated the unclear communication and organization here. Why oh why.

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