Let Me Shine

<Just Saying>
When times get tough, my worst battle is often between what I remember and what I presently feel.  Thus, one of the hardest decisions I will ever have to make is when to stay put and struggle harder or when to just take my memories/lessons and move on.  Sometimes I have to step outside of the person I’ve been, and remember the person I was meant to be, the person I am capable of being, and the person I truly am today.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of love, I was a frog in a cooking pan, I was frustrated, I was upset and I saw this Japanese monkey with a middle finger. I thought that it was cute & funny and I posted this on my FB, I asked for support and I said naughty thing ” I would collect middle fingers & I will give them to someone who really deserved them!” It was very wrong. it was my mistake.
  2. With my value of kindness & gratitude, my dear girl friend gave me her feedback and her remark was “where is the loving, caring funny Sindy?” Then I realized that I was mean & wrong. I appreciated her feedback & I shouldn’t spread hate on social media. Thank you for your wake up call.
  3. With my value of insight, When I am angry with some issues, then I figure this out and move on. When I stay angry, then I acknowledge their actions and words and I let them to get me. very very stupid of me.
  4. With my value of love & joy, I hanged out with my sweetie darling on my free day and I enjoyed our girl date.
  5. With my value of joy, I enjoyed our yummy lunch, we tried new things and I had my yummy tosti banana with chocolate. The best part was  it came with a little bowl of M&M. <nom nom> What a present.
  6. With my value of love & care, she asked for my support, I helped her out and she appreciated my action. It was my pleasure.
  7. With my value of fun, girl friend, shopping and chit chat, I enjoyed our girl date, it was fun and I was a happy girl.
  8. With my value of care, I had fun in the city and I missed my nap. I was exhausted after shopping and I took my 15 minutes power nap.
  9. With my value of fun, I had my second date on my free day, I hanged out with my dear friend and it was awesome.
  10. With my value of love, I realized that my stress muscle ache was gone, I was happier, I was free <finally> and  I danced back to happy Sindy. Thank you darling, I was an unhappy person lately, I loved your kind words/support and Happy Sindy was back!
  11. With my value of joy, it was awesome to try something new, it was amazing, it was fun and I loved it.
  12. With my value of care, I took care of me, I ate when I was hungry, I was happier and I let my angry go.
  13. With my value of pride, now I realized how much I have done in all these years, I looked back and “Wow” … I started this with nothing or less help middle and I built up my kingdom with my treasure. I was proud of me.
  14. With my value of   love & partnership, I had this creativity idea, I went for it and I just wanna show my appreciation & gratitude. I was a happy girl and  I loved this idea.

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