Forgive and Not forget

<Just Saying>
Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of joy, I was in the red hot chili peppers concert, it was super awesome.
  2. With my value of care, I had a short night rest, I chose my warm bed instead of writing my successes. I took good care myself first.
  3. With my value of love, I had a busy wednesday, I was sure that I had more than 15 successes 😉 <p.s. now I forgot what they were>
  4. With my value of focus, I worked in the back office, I was loyal to me and I determined to work somewhere else.
  5. With my value of care & partnership, he said farewell and I gave him my Sindy bear hug. He gave me his compliment & he appreciated our partnership, cooperation & fun.
  6. With my value of care, I shared my event and clarified this issue and I seriously let it go.
  7. With my value of kindness, I appreciated her kind gesture and gift, thank you so much.
  8. With my value of ZEN, I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t hate. I appreciated love. I appreciated support. I appreciated care. I appreciated being me. I appreciated a new day.
  9. With my value of clarity, I clarified this issue and I ran out of my time. one more PRO then I am all done.
  10. With my value of love, I loved to bake. I loved cupcakes. I loved to share my passion & love. Happy me.
  11. With my value of dare, I did my dislike and I realized that shit was shit, I can’t change shit to gold. I shouldn’t pay too much attention to turd.
  12. With my value of love, I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support, he was the star and I loved him lots.
  13. With my value of giving, I loved to share and I loved to give. I also loved to take what I deserve. Never take myself for granted and it was also “giving” love to me.
  14. With my value of openness, I appreciated her openness, her support and her kindness. I gave her my Sindy bear hugs. Thank you so much.
  15. With my value of respect, I respect them and I hope that they will respect me. When they don’t then I still respect them.

Sindy’s count down: Day Zero


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