A System Manager

<Just Saying>
When I am trapped between my feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes me happy. Unless I want everybody to be happy, except me.

<My Successes as A system manager>
Every conversation.

Every meeting.

There are two sides to every story.

And there are 2 sides to every encounter between a system manager and a member of our team.

Somewhere out there, a system manager will de dealing with a lab technician, an administration girl, a doctor, a patient, an ICT professional, it can anyone and someone like you or me.

In some cases, the encounter will be marked by tension. Or anger. Or sadness. Or panic. Or distress. In every case, we will have high expectations of the system manager than we will of the person they are dealing with.

And that is exactly as it should be.

Professionalism: I am expected to deal with whatever working life throws my way. This is my job – and every good system manager wants to do it well. The system is my core business and I should know my stuff.

Pay: I am paid to do what I do.

Commitment: I made a commitment to serve the department with fairness, integrity, partnership, respect and care. “Quick & dirty” is absolutely not in my book!

Powers: Knowledge is power. I am the expert in this field and I use my power to serve them. When I am dealing with a person at work, listening and supporting them and somehow they didn’t know their thing or what to do, it’s my responsibility to make sure that I carry out my duty. Even if they are utterly unreasonable, or antagonistic, or offensive. The first and greatest responsibility will always be mine.

Communication: with clear input then the result will be clear too. I am a translator between a machine and a human being. We may have different interpretation about one issue; therefore clarity is crucial in my role. Any questions?

Partnership: I am one of the units in our team, I participate in almost every process and I encounter with everyone in our team. With every unit in our team, we make it all work together successfully. That’s how a powerful team should be and every single unit is important, no matter how high/low position we are in. “TEAM = Together everyone achieves more”

Life works both way too.

Everyone has responsibility too – beginning with the need to recognise and appreciate, with much greater clarity and immediacy, just what it is that a system manager does on my behalf.

System managing operates in the fractured places, there is trouble and distress. The system manager maybe the first on scene and the last to leave. I see things and do things that are beyond the understanding or comprehension of most of us.

In the view of many people, I am “all that stands between machines and people”

I pay a personal price. It would be impossible to venture into the places I have been, to see the faces I have seen and to remain unaffected by it all. I know, because I have been there. I have barely begun to understand the impact on a system manager and our team of the repeated exposure to irresponsible behaviour, lies, conflicts and disrespect act.

As a team or as a society, I need to be more understanding of these things.

A system manager has the leadership, training and kit they need to get the job done – and to keep the team, the colleagues and themselves happy and the system runs. A follower can learn how to write a program and a follower only follow.

To provide better appreciation and respect on daily basis and to make it abundantly clear that an insult on a system manager is an exceptionally serious thing.

A system manager gets the individual support they need – particularly when it comes to dealing with the team management, with personal consequences of all that we ask and expect them to do.

To forgive when genuine errors are made, understanding that mistakes happened to everyone and everywhere. And, where wrongdoing is identified, whilst not shying away from it for one moment, we need to seek the opportunities to learn rather than just to blame. Finger pointing is the easiest solution and I can’t give responsibility when you don’t have one!

Might I suggest that, we need simply to be more grateful for every good system manager out there. I have worked with them; they are a remarkable bunch of human beings – intelligent, funny, loyal, hard-working servants who made the same promises as me.

If you happen to see a system manager today, go up and thank them for what they do. It will be worth it just to see the expression on their faces.

Oh, you may give your compliment to a stranger, a love one or anyone around you, you will also see many smiles as return. It’s all fun and win-win.


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