New Start

<Just Saying>
There’s a lot about my life I absolutely can’t control. – I cannot control everything that happens in life and I can control how I respond. In my response is my greatest power.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of joy, I was an early bird, it was 6.30 am and I started my day with my routine.
  2. With my value of fun, I prepared and decorated the Xmas cards, it was fun and pretty.
  3. With my value of ZEN, making cards, listening to music and being creative made me happy. I was a happy girl.
  4. With my value of care, I visited my chiropractor, he took good care of me and told me to visit my GP to make sure that it’s ok with my belly.
  5. With my value of joy & love, I loved my chiropractor, I gave him my Sindy bear hugs & thank you so much.
  6. With my value of care & joy,  I got some grocery shopping in the city, I was there for the first time and it was great.
  7. With my value of fun, I cooked my yummy midday delight congee and it was great, light & me like.
  8. With my value of care, I had my midday nap for an hour, it was so good!
  9. With my value of love & joy, I went to Kundalini yoga class, I loved to see the girls again and I met some new friends. I enjoyed the exercises, my mediation and love for me.
  10. With my value of care & joy, I cooked yummy pork stew, potato with veggie. it smelled great, tasted great & very satisfying.
  11. With my value of love, my sweet baboo loved the pork stew, it was left over and he gotta bring it for his lunch. <nom nom>
  12. With my value of freedom, I was care-free, I was happy, I was relax, I was light and I was free. YEAH!
  13. With my value of joy, I signed up for PA next week, woo hoo. I shared this links and asked for support. do you wanna join us?
  14. With my value of insight, When someone reacts in certain way to me, then I gotta look at myself “how I respond to them?” Mirror mirror on the wall, Who I am and what I do.
  15. With my value of care, I made an appointment with my GP, she gotta check my belly. I didn’t worry about it and I just wanna know.

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