Outside the Box

<Just My Thought>
I never feel 100% ready when good opportunities arise. – Most great opportunities in life lead me to grow emotionally and intellectually. They lead me to stretch myself and my comfort zones, which means I won’t feel totally comfortable at first. And when I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel ready.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of care, I got a good night rest and 10 hrs in the row <woo hoo>
  2. With my value of joy, it was a sunny day, I enjoyed my “A move a day” and it was lovely out there.
  3. With my value of joy, I had a date with my sweetie darling and it was great to see her.
  4. With my value of commitment, I had this petite sandwich for my lunch and it was yummy. A hungry bear needed to be fed 😉
  5. With my value of love, I loved her. I loved her friendship. I loved her care.
  6. With my value of joy, I enjoyed our girl day out, yeah! Shopping fun. black friday in NL? Strange 🙂
  7. With my value of fun, I decorated the envelops, I loved all the details and I was excited.
  8. With my value of care, this lady chatted with me while we waited for the tram. I appreciated her kindness. I opened up for her. We had some laugh. I appreciated her openness too.
  9. With my value of joy, I got these pretty pink & colorful sweaters, I loved some colors in the boring winter. <Usually I would go for blue, black or brown)
  10. With my value of  commitment, I ate small portion when I was hungry and no stuffed, no hungry and enjoy!
  11. With my value of joy, got some oranges for my snack, it was yummy and something new for me.
  12. With my value of love & fun, we will have a xmas party in 2 weeks, my sweet baboo informed me and it gonna be fun.
  13. With my value of clarity, my mommy dear clarified the menu to me, I appreciated her care and support.
  14. With my value of love, I appreciated my mom & dad ‘s support and love. They gotta make some smashing yummy dinner for our “birthday girls party” Thank you so much.
  15. With my value of love, When I want support, then I will ask for it. When someone offers me support without my permission, then I flip big time and this suffocate me. <huh !?!> When someone supports me with their love, invest in me then I am loved & grateful. Why would I flip when I am loved? My bottonline here is: Please ask, darling and I appreciate your support ❤
  16. With my value of love, I chatted with my sister and clarified our party food. We had some laugh and thanks girl ❤

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