Positive rules

<Just My Thought>
I refuse to let another person’s negative attitude, negative beliefs, and negative mindset influence me! Change begins with me first!

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of care & clarity, I visited my GP and clarified this issue with my uterine fibroids and I gotta visit my gynecologist.
  2. With my value of love, I shared my successes with my GP, she was happy for me and she gave me her compliment.
  3. With my value of care & clarity, I made an appointment with my gyn, Thursday will be it.
  4. With my value of clarity & positivity, I considered the pro & con about this lump. I will ask for support during my visit on Thursday.
  5. With my value of joy, I enjoyed my morning walk and it was a lovely day.
  6. With my value of fulfillment, “A task a day” laundry day and I will have more fun time in the weekend. I realized that I didn’t gotta follow the same routine as I did and I had more fun with my sweet baboo when he was free in the weekend.
  7. With my value of care & partnership, my dear help informed me about our appointment. Thank you for your care.
  8. With my value of care & partnership, my dad bear bear organized our trip in FL, I appreciated his care & support and I love to see them soon.
  9. With my value of love & dare, I have heard about this yummy potato dish, I tried this today for our dinner and it smelled and tasted so good.
  10. With my value of insight, I enjoyed my day and I read this post “Be happy with nothing and I will be happy with everything” this brights my day. Thank you dear ❤
  11. With my value of care, I had an hour beauty nap, it was so good.
  12. With my value of spontaneity, my dear friend was in town, we hanged out and I enjoyed our fun, our laugh and thank you my dear.
  13. With my value of fun, I was a funny, kind person. Thanks for your compliment. I was a happy girl and had fun.
  14. With my value of joy & commitment, I gained an kilogram in the last week, I kicked my CP ass, I sticked to my commitment, ate small portions, ate when I was hungry,drank 2 liters of water, did my exercise and I enjoyed what I did.
  15. With my value of  fulfillment, “A task a day #2” I started to write my Xmas cards, they gotta be done before we will go to FL. Get ready steady & Go ❤ I loved it.
  16. With my value of  love, I appreciated and valued their love and friendship, I would love to show my love and spread my love.
  17. With my value of insight, When I love myself, then I may love somebody else. <Woo hoo> Love is love,without sharp, without smell & it’s mutual. Love isn’t only about romance or sex and I don’t make fuss about other’s opinion. This way I feel peace, I feel stronger , I feel powerful and I love to share my love.
  18. With my value of love, I went to Kundalini yoga class, I felt great and I loved it.
  19. With my value of insight, When I focus on the difficulty on my path (muscle ache, obstacle) then I forget me and I tend to quit. When I trust me and focus on me (my core, my breathing), then I can do anything I want.  
  20. With my value of care & love, I appreciated my sweet baboo’s care & support, I was loved and I enjoyed his company.

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