Dare to face My Weakness = My Strength

<Just My Thought>
Breathe. Let go. And remind myself that this very moment is the only one I know I have for sure.

<My Successes>

  1. With my value of insight, It all begins with me. When I care for myself, I will be strong enough to take care of anything in my life.
  2. With my value of love & care, I visited my chiro mr B, I invested in my care, he cared for me and I was thankful.
  3. With my value of insight, when my channel (the medium) is open i.e. my nerve system, then I may send my positive signal to my system and the architect i.e. my body will repair the bad cells and the good cells will be made. My body is a great machine, I “repair” myself with my positive instruction.
  4. With my value of gratitude, I have never thought of this and I realized that his insight made me think and I was grateful for this. <Aha!>
  5. With my value of commitment, I was a hungry bear, I ate small portion of Alpro Yofu for my morning delight, Happy joy joy.
  6. With my value of joy and “a move a day”, I vlogged in the sun, I enjoyed my walk and I was a happy bunny. <Woo Hoo ..>
  7. With my value of love, I clarified this tap thing with my sweet baboo, he gotta support me and I appreciated his care & support.
  8. With my value of happiness, I have a roof above my head. I have love ones with me. I have great friendship with these beautiful people. I have good health. I have a smile on my face. I have everything in my life.
  9. With my value of strength, Being strong is like daring to show my weakness, daring to show my vulnerability an dare to show my human side and it’s all fine. Being human being & showing my emotion. Robot can’t do that. <Aha!>
  10. With my value of joy & fulfillment “a task a day”, ironing our shirts and get ready for our traveling. I loved ironed shirts and I was happier.
  11. With my value of care & support, the plumber came back and checked the result. I appreciated his support, i will arrange the rest. Thank you.
  12. With my value of love, my daddy bear invited me for lunch on Friday, thanks dad and I will see you & mom soon ❤
  13. With my value of creativity, Ouch! It was so wrong, too big and didn’t fit me. Ok, now I have the other awesome idea and simpler. Woo Hoo!
  14. With my value of care, after cracking, popping and caring and I took my beauty nap. Yes, my back felt much better.
  15. With my value of clarity, I clarified our double date and no girls night out. We set a new date and it will work out for us. Thank you girl ❤
  16. With my value of care & partnership, I asked for support and I waited for her reply. Our prep is on and I was excited for our next adventure.
  17. With my value of dare, no = no. I clarified this issue and it wasn’t the end of the world, it will be better later. Woo Hoo. Acceptance, care & partnership.
  18. With my value of  gratitude, I appreciated her insightful successes, fewgood tipsfor the yummy party seasons. #OutfittrainingRules #PlaytheGame #Enjoy #DATE #Desire #Attitude #Tools #Energy #Awesome #Commitment.

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