My Sky Full of Stars

{Just Saying}
Remember that people who know and truly care about me will gravitate toward my character. The rest are just passing through and will only know a glimpse of me. Knowing the difference will help me weigh the opinions I meet along the way.

{My Successes}

  1. With my value of care, I bought a yummy salad & mango pieces for my lunch. <AHa> it saved me some times to hurry during lunch hour.
  2. With my value of clarity, I asked for support, I didn’t sure what it was and I liked to hear from her.
  3. With my value of care & partnership, I figured out this issue, I would like to know more but HOW? I asked for support, she showed me this function <Aha> that’s what I am looking for. Thank you.
  4. With my value of joy & gratefulness, I learned new thing #1 and it was a bonus to me. I was a happy girl.
  5. With my value of care & partnership, she asked for support, I collected facts, analyzed them and clarified. I got a clear view why it happened. <Aha> that’s what I am looking for 2. New thing #2 Bonus #2
  6. With my value of joy & excitement, I was on fire and I got it. Did I find a bug? <Oh!> it was a bonus to me. I was a happier girl & Bonus #3.
  7. With my value of clarity, he clarified what it was and it still didn’t make any sense why it happened. It was more than I expected and I appreciated his feedback. I made a new friend #1.
  8. With my value of partnership & fun, I offered my support, I motivated him to read this and it might help him lots. He appreciated my support & I cracked him with my joke, We both laughed silly.
  9. With my value of motivation, I was motivated by their openness. Their openness motivated my drive. I liked what I did. I enjoyed motivating others to do their best. Yes we can make this easier & better together.
  10. With my value of care, I took it easy and my legs hurt me <bloody muscle  ache> I walked like a mummie lol
  11. With my value of joy, I joined my colleagues in the tea break, I called it ” social contact” and I enjoyed our quality time.
  12. With my value of  fun, after this issue, I was relieved and I was glad that they didn’t wanna dig this deep. Oh! After a deep breath in, I cracked her  with my joke & I really can’t resist to laugh at my own bloody joke.
  13. With my value of greatness, I never assume. I ask for fact. I never waste my time to start a drama. I accept our mistakes and we all make mistakes. I never bring this past package with me and spoil my joy NOW. I feel great.
  14. With my value of love, oops! It was my bad. I appreciated her feedback. Thank you so much. SLCTA.
  15. With my value of openness, I opened up for the girls. I shared my successes with them. I spoke up & clarified my stories. I was delighted to show who I am. I am a star and I am one of the stars. My sky full of stars and thanks for sharing the beautiful sky.

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