Think Positive and Live Free

{Just A Thought}
It’s so easy to be negative when things go wrong, or blame others for negative outcomes in my life. But do negativity and blame change anything for the better? NO.
It’s about learning to think better so I can ultimately live better, no matter what.

{My Successes}

  1. With my value of care, I was calm when I visited my gyn, I didn’t gotta worry too much about the test result. Think positively!
  2. With my value of love, Oops! I had an event, why was the appointment cancelled? I clarified this and set other appointment again. I wasn’t amused and hey! I appreciated her support.
  3. With my value of joy, it was a full house here, I sat somewhere else and hey! I made some new friends. Hey guys =)
  4. With my value of care & partnership, I clarified this issue with her, it wasn’t clear for me what it was going on and I needed more “Sindy-Sherlock-Search” <SSS>. She appreciated my feedback and 2 happy girls.
  5. With my value of clarity, he clarified what it was and it was sure a strange story. I clarified and suggested some actions. Test test & <SSS>
  6. With my value of focus, my head is still filled with mucous and coughing spoiled my fun. I stayed focus and made things done.
  7. With my value of ZEN, the system was naughty today, email was so slow and I forgot to bring my post pigeon <Wahahah …> Well, I have other middles to communicate.
  8. With my value of care & partnership, I walked to my colleague without making an appointment. I asked for support, we had some great chat and it was great to meet & know each other. Thank you!
  9. With my value of care & partnership, I asked for support and I asked for her feedback. It was all good and thanks so much.
  10. With my value of correctness, this data doesn’t make any sense and I gotta get more information. <Bam!> check, control and done.
  11. With my value of fun, I cracked my joke with the girls, we got some laugh and she liked me to sit there. <Gezellig>
  12. With my value of dare, I tried this new dish <Jamie Oliver super food> and it smelled great and it tasted good. Courgette, broccoli, potato and fish! <YUM>
  13. With my value of clarity, I checked the router planner up front how I gonna get there and I gotta visit my new colleagues tomorrow. <Yeah!>
  14. With my value of love, my sis opened up for me, she shared her event with me and I was the ear. I was proud of her and I appreciated her care, her trust and her love.
  15. With my value of care, I was exhausted after a busy day, I took it easy and I took a cup of drink with honey & a slice of lemon. Good stuff!

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