Let’s It Shine

{Just Saying}
Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things will ever happen to us.

{My Successes}

  1. With my value of joy, I was a happy girl, it was light in the early morning and it was a great day.
  2. With my value of fun, I sat with the office gangs, it was a fun day.
  3. With my value of compliment, my dear girl gave me her compliment, she liked my grey dress with pink sweater. Thank you so much.
  4. With my value of clarity, my day started with this test, I figured out why it didn’t work and I liked the result.
  5. With my value of care & partnership, he asked for my support, I gave him the wrong info and he gave me his feedback.
  6. With my value of love, Oops! It was my bad and I apologized. It was too much rules here & there, I had this black out time and I asked for support.
  7. With my value of clarity & partnership, I asked for support, I clarified this issue and I asked ” Why did we do this with here and not there? ” I had no idea.
  8. With my value of focus, it wasn’t the smartest way to do <pfff ..> I got a way to do it fast and kept my focus. It worked fine for me.
  9. With my value of focus, I finished this hybrid doc (new things in an old package) and I didn’t like the old layout, oh heck!
  10. With my value of openness, she opened up for me and I shared my successes with her. I appreciated her care. Thanks darling.
  11. With my value of care & fun, I had a new lunch walk, I may walk with him in the lunch break and then picked up our lunch. It was a lovely sunny day.
  12. With my value of commitment, I was a hungry bear, I got this new sandwich for lunch, Curry eggs with cucumber and it was spicy ( no kidding!) and yummy.
  13. With my value of care, I appreciated his openness and his care. he opened up for me and I shared my event with him. I appreciated his friendship.
  14. With my value of love, I was disappointed when I got his negative feedback. I felt bad <it didn’t happen often and I was too hard on myself> I realized that it wasn’t about me. yes, it’s my role and my responsibility. His negative feedback wasn’t about what I did or who I am. <Bam> I had few crazy busy weeks and I contributed, I did my best.
  15. With my value of happiness, I am happy for being me. I am happy for what I do. I am happy for my positive attitude. I am happy for being in this awesome team. I am happy for our new friendships. I am happy to be home.

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