Ready To Take Action

{Just A Thought}
Whenever my subconscious mind accepts an idea, it immediately begins to execute it. I can use this power constructively any time I choose. So don’t try to figure our the A-Z of how I would achieve the desired goal. The path will show itself, all I gotta do is relax. But be ready to take action when the path shows itself.

{My Successes}

  1. With my value of intentions, Trust ~ Joy ~ Care. I trusted what I did, I trusted me, I made my day joyful, I shared my joyful success, I cared for me, I shared my care.
  2. With my value of care & cooperation, I reserved a workplace for her and she was with me today.
  3. With my value of clarity, she briefed me what I have done last few weeks, i clarifed some issues  and I appreciated her support.
  4. With my value of dare, I spoke up what it was about, I appreciated her support and she dared to give me feedback. She cared & she invested her care/support in me.
  5. With my value of joy, they laughed when I talked to a unclear telephone call. “were you in the tunnel, I can’t hear ya” was it funny ?
  6. With my value of care & partnership, I learned something new, I heard something old and I appreciated her support.
  7. With my value of joy, I joined our office gangs in between, I shared my successes and we we had some great laugh. Thank you beautiful people.
  8. With my value of satisfaction, I got things done, the list got shorter, system ran and I was a happier girl.
  9. With my value of self-love,  no matter what she said, no matter how hurtful it was and hey! thank you and I focused on my awesomeness, I focused on what I have and I trusted my gut feeling.
  10. With my value of love, oops! I was late for the appointment, I sent my message and I clarified that it was my bad.
  11. With my value of love, it was great to catch up with my dear friend, great fun.
  12. With my value of care, I cared for me then I shared my care.
  13. With my value of commitment, I was a hungry bear and I got this yummy pasta. It was so good ❤
  14. With my value of love, I appreciated my mom’s love, she invited me for lunch and thanks mommy dear.
  15. With my value of love, we will have our yummy lunch with my parents, I missed them.

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