Soft Kitty

{Just A Thought}
Being alone will never cause as much loneliness as the wrong relationship.  Be with people who know my worth and respect me.  I don’t need lots of friends to be happy, just a few real ones who appreciate me for who I am.  Oftentimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength.  I must learn to walk away not because I want others to realize my worth, but because I finally realize my own worth.

{My Successes}

  1. With my value of intentions, Trust ~ Joy ~ Care, I trusted what I did, I trust me, I created joy, I enjoyed the joy of my day, I cared for me and I shared my care.
  2. With my value of joy, I was happy to see my girl friend, we had some chat and I missed her. I enjoyed our quality time.
  3. With my value of openness, I dared to share my event, I opened up myself and I let beautiful people & happiness in my life.
  4. With my value of happiness, I was happy to see her again, welcome back my dear.
  5. With my value of care & partnership, I reserved the work station for her and it was cool to sit close to each other.
  6. With my value of care & partnership, I appreciated her support, I appreciated her care and I appreciated her partnership.
  7. With my value of compliment, I appreciated her support, I asked for support and I gave her my compliment.
  8. With my value of trust, I didn’t know what it will happen, I have been through a tough time, I will accept the challenge in the future and I am ready!    Bring it on tomorrow.
  9. With my value of sincerity, I was kind to me and I was kind to her. I admitted that I wasn’t a multitasking person and enough was enough at that moment.
  10. With my value of joy, I asked for support, I can’t wait for my kundalini yoga class  and it was one of best for me. Happier me.
  11. With my value of lightness, I opened up, I shared my event, I was light and I dared to share this. It was Ok to show my feeling and I am human after all.
  12. With my value of insight, softness is a strength, softness is an attitude, softness for me is KINDNESS, LOVE, CARE, GENTLE & FRAGILE. It is in  me. Being strong isn’t about power, being strong isn’t about force, it is in me and my power is my drive.
  13. With my value of  commitment, I wasn’t hungry before my yoga class, therefore I didn’t gotta eat <yeah!> and I listened to my body. #OutfittrainingFact.
  14. With my value of joy, I enjoyed the yoga class, I enjoyed my moment, I enjoyed the joy from other ladies and I was thankful for their love.
  15. With my value of openness, I opened up for this lovely lady, she shared her event with me, I was the ear and I shared mine with her. Thank you darling.
  16. With my value insight, I love to hold hands, I love the contact, I love to be with you and please don’t go. I love to show him “here I am” and I love to share my journey with you and please join me.

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