We Are Loving

{Awesome Happy Life}
By watching too many movies, listening to too many songs and just taking in what the world is telling me it is very easy to be lulled into dreams of perfection. It sounds so good and wonderful and I want it.But in real life it clashes with reality and it can harm or possibly lead me to end relationships, jobs, projects etc. just because my expectations are out of this world. I find it very helpful to remind myself of this simple fact.

{My Successes}

  1. With my value of care, she asked me how my weekend was, I shared my Essence successes with her and What is Essence? I shared my training successes and what I got out of the training. She was curious about this and I shared the website Essencetrainingen  links with her.
  2. With my value of love, I care and I share. I was grateful to share my successes. I was grateful to get awesome feedback. Did anyone read my blog actually? I did <Grin>
  3. With my value of care, it gonna be a long Wednesday, I went to bed early and I took good care of me.
  4. With my value of love & friendship, My friends should motivate and inspire me. My circle should be well rounded and supportive. Keep it tight. Quality over quantity. ALWAYS
  5. With my value of  joy, I was at the place of “Game of Fun”, the PC started up for me then it was my work place today! <Aha> It was a game changer en yes this PC is my bitch today <Hahaha>
  6. With my value of clarity, I got crazy from this massive work load, it was just chaos and I spoke it up. Before I got all banana and I gotta do something to protect myself.
  7. With my value of fun, it was great to have a great laugh with these office gangs, it was so awesome.
  8. With my value of clarity, I had a list of misses, I figured this out <Bam!> and this gotta be stopped. I will never give up on this and I looked at the bright side.
  9. With my value of self-loyalty, I spoke up how I think of this, it was massively lots, it was chaos and it was unclear for me … <Hold it> I need structure and clarity.
  10. With my value of magical love, I visited my chiro mr B, it was a magic moment, it was love, sometimes tough love. I was grateful and I appreciated his care.
  11. With my value of care, for the first time in my life, I got this multi-vitamin pill and included iron. My Hb is way lower than normal and I gotta be healthy, fit and be ready for the operation.
  12. With my value of  love & joy, I was in the massage workshop with my sweet baboo, it was an awesome evening and very relaxing.
  13. With my value of commitment, I was a hungry bear, I felt like a good burger and I went for it. <yummy!> I was the happier girl.
  14. With my value of joy & drive, I woke up early this morning, I was ready for my day and home office here I was.
  15. With my value of love, my sweet baboo asked for my support, I practiced my massage technique and it was great. He loved it.
  16. With my value of commitment, I compensated few hours from Tuesday, i worked at work in my office, with the sun and I was working with join.
  17. With my value of sincere, I was frustrated with the work load,  I frustrated with the chaos and I shared my feeling. I was grateful for their service & partnership. I was grateful for my directness. I was grateful for my dare. I was kind to me and to them. I created cooperation, partnership and joy.
  18. With my value of compliment, I gave him my compliment, I appreciated his cooperation & partnership and I was more than happy to see this positive action. Thank you so much.
  19. With my value of care, I took my nap after my work, it was a good one and I took good care of me.
  20. With my value of compliment, I appreciated his support and his support. I gave him my compliment and thanks guy.
  21. With my value of care, I was a part-time-housewife, I did our house things, I took care of us and get things done.
  22. With my value of love & joy, I enjoyed my day off, I was chilling out and I wrote my successes. I missed it yesterday.
  23. With my value of joy, I signed up for Outfit upgrade, I gonna meet these beautiful people soon and I loved it.
  24. With my value of care & partnership, I offered my support, I spoke up how it was and it didn’t look good at all. I appreciated her support and she gotta fix this.
  25. With my value of clarity, I got the PREP for my operation, I read this information about the narcosis and what I should do during and after the operation. My worst nightmare from my last operation was catheter. Well, I gotta go through it soon, I will see what it will happen and It is what it is. I don’t make fuss about it anymore.
  26. With my value of friendship & love, I pay attention to the beautiful people in my life. The ones I don’t have to impress. The ones who always have my back. The ones that love me and be there for me. I was a happier girl and loved.

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