Let the motivation catch up with me

{My thought about self-motivation #1}

Some days I wake up motivated and ready to go. And some days things feel heavy as I arise and it is hard to get going and find that inner drive.

At least in my experience.

I have found some simple and smart strategies that work for me to get back into the right groove and to get things done.

Here are some of my favorite tips and habits for doing just that.


Just get started and let the motivation catch up with you: I don’t have to wait for motivation to get started. When I want to work in a consistent way every day then sometimes I just have to get going anyway. And the funny thing is that after I have worked for a while things feel easier and easier and more fun and the motivation catches up with me.


{My Successes}

  1. My value of dare, I dared to face this, I didn’t let fear to spoil my day and I did this with my intentions <trust~partnership~joy> Yes I did this shitty task.
  2. My value of joy, it was just text, it was just noise in my head, I picked myself back and I kicked this ass. <Woo Hoo> It was awesome.
  3. My value of compliment, she gave me her compliment, it was clear in this message and I was pleased what I did.
  4. My value of care & partnership, I appreciated her support & partnership. I created this awesome cooperation and I was proud of me.
  5. My value of care & love, I got this joyful surprise and it was amazing. Thank you for your kind message.
  6. My value of clarity, I said No and it was loud & clear. I was proud what I did, no bad feeling, no guilt and it wasn’t about me.
  7. My value of self-love, I respected my feeling, I respected my decision and I respected my action.I drew this line and I accepted it. Let it go!
  8. My value of joy, I cracked my joke with the girls and I had my fun in our conference call.
  9. My value of joy, I made my sunny selfie during the lunch break. I gotta miss my comfy jammie’s home-working-days! It was a lovely day.
  10. My value of care, I felt exhausted after the busy day, I took a short break and I took good care of me. I listened to my system.
  11. My value of care & partnership, I asked for support and I clarified this unknown. I learned something new today.
  12. My value of care & partnership, I asked for support and I arranged this action after this tech maintenance.  I appreciated their support & it was part of the service.
  13. My value of care & partnership, he appreciated my support and we were 2 happy people. Thank you so much.
  14. My value of care & partnership, I clarified this up front and I asked for support. one code for two systems, it all sucked and I gotta do something about it.
  15. My value of love, Oops! I didn’t see this coming and I saw it now. I apologized and it was my bad. Thanks for your feedback.
  16. My value of clarity & joy, I made a grocery list, I will have a busy weekend and I planed to bake and cook. I love it.
  17. My value of joy, this bloody blogger let me down and I was pleased that I had my back up, word press.

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