Go Out In Nature

{Just A Thought about self-motivation #14}
Some days I wake up motivated and ready to go. And some days things feel heavy as I arise and it is hard to get going and find that inner drive.
At least in my experience.
I have found some simple and smart strategies that work for me to get back into the right groove and to get things done.
Here are some of my favorite tips and habits for doing just that.

Go out in nature. Few things give me as much new energy and motivation to take on life as this does. So I often go out for a walk in the woods or by the sea and I’m just there in the moment with the nature, the fresh air and I don’t think about anything special.

{My Successes}

  1. My value of joy,  It was a quiet day, no meeting, no presentation and it was a normal office day. I was a happy bunny in my busy life.
  2. My value of clarity, I planned my day up front, 1) to finish test report 2) to take it easy 3) to have fun. <Bam!> planning makes perfect.
  3. My value of fun & love, I had some laugh with my dear colleague, she was lovely and I appreciated her care. Thank you darling.
  4. My value of fun, I had some laugh with him, he used my joke to get me and <Gotcha!> we had some laugh.
  5. My care & partnership, he asked for my support, I clarified this with him, I cleared the air & stated my intention. It was a concept and we may determine what we want.
  6. My care & partnership, I appreciated her feedback, they accepted my offer and I appreciated her support.
  7. My value of  openness & sharing, I had fun with the girls, I shared my event & successes and we had some great chat.
  8. My value of Love, Oops! she did it again and I sent her my feedback. Shit happened and I stayed calm & be kind. <Woo Hoo!>
  9. My value of gratefulness, I was grateful for my day. I was grateful for being me. I was grateful for all supports. I was grateful for all smiles. I was grateful for a beautiful day. I was grateful to be grateful.
  10. My value of joy, I watched his YouTube channel, I shared my funny story with him and he did the similar thing to get some smiles in Starbucks. When I was Starbucks, they always wrote my name wrong and I get frustrated, I turned my frustration into fun and I changed my policy.
    Starbucks#1: what is your name, ma’ am?
    Me: my name is “I am awesome”
    Starbucks#1: What?
    Me: you heard me, my name is “I am awesome”

    Starbucks #1: awkward silence with a big smile and she wrote something down. Her facial expression showed me “yeah right, one more crazy here”
    When my cafe mocha was done.

    Starbucks #2 shouted: I am awesome <raised eyebrows>
    Me: I looked at his face & raised my finger.
    Starbucks #2: are you “I am awesome “?
    Me: Yes, so are you and thanks.

    In that store, 2 surprised smiley Starbucksers and 1 happy customer with a happy drink.

  11. My value of inspiration,  I gave her my positive feedback and I was inspired by her drive, her love and her motivation. Thank you darling.
  12. My value of love, I hanged out with my dear friend, I had fun, great chat and thank you for your care.
  13. My value of inspiration & love, I am the number one fans of spaghetti Carbonara (SC) and I look for the best, the yummiest Carbonara in the world when I travel. Today, I learned the Roma’s traditional way of cooking SC and I am excited. Oh! One more bonus, SC is my name too <wahahaha> The Best.
  14. My value of care, I appreciated his care, I appreciated his love and I was grateful for our friendship.
  15. My value of care & partnership, the test report was done and I suggested improvement in this test. I took care of me, took my break and had some laugh with the office gangs. It was time to chill out and enjoyed my long weekend.

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