Remind Myself of Why I am Working toward this

{Just A Thought about self-motivation #15}
Some days I wake up motivated and ready to go. And some days things feel heavy as I arise and it is hard to get going and find that inner drive.
At least in my experience.
I have found some simple and smart strategies that work for me to get back into the right groove and to get things done.
Here are some of my favorite tips and habits for doing just that.

Remind myself of why I am working toward this. When I am feeling unmotivated and low in energy it is easy to lose sight of why I am doing something. So take 2 minutes and write down my top 3 reasons for doing this work, getting a training, working out, saving that extra money, what was the story behind my CPs or something else. Put that note where I can see it every day or keep it in my notebook for easy access when I need a motivational boost.

{My Successes}

  1. My value of care, a cup of coffee, bacon sandwich and it was the delight to start my day.
  2. My value of support, I asked for support, I appreciated his input and I was grateful for his love.
  3. My value of support, I asked for support, I appreciated his care and it was great.
  4. My value of ZEN, it’s King’s day, it was quiet, relax, Netflix and life is good.
  5. My value of care, Napping is a serious business and it was so good.
  6. My value of satisfaction, it was the last thought about my self-motivation, I did what I did and I was happy to share my BS.
  7. My value of love,  I got a huge bear hug when I was home, thank you darling and my sweet baboo was the best.
  8. My value of ME, in the train I have heard this conversation between a kid and his dad, I gave them my smiles and  they inspired me to write this “20 facts about me”
    • I love to tell why I dislike Panda bears when I heard that I gotta pay 45 euro to visit the zoo. No fucking kidding.
    • I have 2 nationalities, I was born in HKG, I speak mostly English and I live in NL.
    • I speak broken dutch with my American accent <No Shit>, I always confuse people and they think that I must be adopted by some old couples. They made me laugh big time.
    • I am lactose intolerant and dairy makes me fart and sick. It’s not in my head.
    • I was a medical lab technician and Medical Microbiology is my field.
    • I got my career switch in 2005, I was a system manager and welcome to ICT.
    • As a teenager I dreamed about studying science (Phy-Chem-Bio) and doing things with Bugs. Ha. I worked with real bugs and cyber bugs.
    • I am the nr 1 fan of Spaghetti Carbonara. Wherever I am when I travel, I always ordered this and my top 3 SC in the world is 1) Rome, 2) Leiden 3) Tenerife.
    • Music is my first love, 80s – early 90s are the best.
    • I met my sweet baboo via my Ex-boy friend. yes bitch, he hated us for life.
    • I was on the edge of burn out after the shit down time, I was sick and had DVT (Deep vein Thrombosis). The darkest time in my life.
    • Essence trainings (Essence, Source, BD, make it work, Outfit, MILES) changed my life and I get my shit together. Grateful big time.
    • I am a funny bunny and swear lots.  🙂
    • I lost 13 kg after this amazing outfit training in 2016. I started my new life style and I am still skinny and eat everything I want happily.
    • I see colors when I mediate. A beautiful firework or my sky full of stars.
    • I am extremely aware of touching things in public place and I am not germ-phobic. I know enough good, bad and ugly stuff about bacteria and viruses. No peanuts, No peppermint and wash my hands.
    • I have 4 tattoos and I would like more.
    • My passion is cooking and baking, my nicked name is cupcake princess. I am Royal too lol.
    • I have no patience with insecure people and their BS, please no stories and I like simple, direct and sincere conversation.
    • I write my successes /blog everyday and I love it.

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