Go and Do it

Tame perfectionism. – Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing everything. Do my best and surrender the rest. Let go. So many creations and inventions never come to fruition because I spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing. And then, once we begin “doing,” I never think what I am doing is good enough. Like overwhelm, perfection is an illusion.

{My Successes}

  1. My value of joy, I was an early bird on my day off, chilled out and wrote my successes.
  2. My value of care, He asked for my support, I read his blog and gave him my feedback. I spoke up what I read/saw and it was all good.
  3. My value of happiness, I caught up with a dear friend, everything well and hey you 😉
  4. My value of care, I had my midday nap, it was so damned good. One of my day-off activities.
  5. My value of care & partnership, I sent mr T my feedback, I  cleared the air and my doubt was gone. <phew.. all good>
  6. My value of love, our relationship is based on trust, care and partnership. I am engaged to PG, I am ready for our long term relationship and I will stay. I was proud of me to share, to speak up, to open up and I am excited.
  7. My value of clarity & care, I gotta hang out with friend tonight and it gonna be fun. I let my home front know this.
  8. My value of awareness, I am impressed to see this TV show about the Memorial day. It wasn’t in WW II, I had no idea how hard it was and people fought for their freedom 77 year ago.  In my opinion, I don’t gotta show my respect only on one special day and I gotta show it everyday. I respect me then I respect others, it’s my basis rule for everyone included myself.
  9. My value of joy, I haven’t many things about “Johnny’s Burger” and we had dinner there. <ha!> it was so good.
  10. My value of care & love, I appreciated his care, his love and his support. I love you darling.

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