Let Go of People’s Judgments

Let go of people’s judgments. – Today, I challenge me to make this my lifelong, daily motto: “I respectfully do not care.” Say it to anyone who passes judgment on something I strongly believe in or something that makes me who I am. People will inevitable judge me at some point anyway, and that’s OK. I affected my life; don’t let them affect mine.

{My Successes}

  1. My value of fun, I joked about “power ranger” last night and I haven’t watched it for almost 40 years. This morning when I switched on my TV, power ranger: dino charger was on. <Aha!> It was fun to watch it, my big smile was on my face 😉
  2. My value of awareness, I totally believe when I wanna achieve, then I will make it. I radiated my positive Sindy bear energy, I committed to me, I placed my order in the universe. Go, Go, Go for it!
  3. My value of clarity, I woke up early and wrote my successes. It was a great way to start my day, I took my time to sit down, to write my successes and it was awesome.
  4. My value of excitement, I joined the training this afternoon, I was one of the PAs. I was excited, I was happy and it was a beautiful day.
  5. My value of clarity, I left house earlier and got some food for my lunch/snack. I took care of me and I took it easy.
  6. My value of awareness, 2 things in my mind I gotta get checked when I will see my gyn soon. My Hb (red cells count) and my belly issue. I didn’t worry lots about it, it wasn’t an emergency. I know what I don’t know and I simply ask.
  7. My value of clarity, I went to the station early, I took it easy and no hurry. I loved the sunny day.
  8. My value of care & partnership, I had an event, power failure in the station and I kept calm & looked for solution. I asked for support, I appreciated her support and I took my sightseeing route by bus. <Woo hoo> Sindy Day out!
  9. My value of dare, Oh Oh really? my fear was right in front of me. The high bridge above the road, busy, cars under and yukkie. It was the only way to the station on the other side. <breath in> <breath out> I walked up there, took my break twice and I remembered to breath. Phew! I did it and I made it and I caught my train. It was freaking me out big time!
  10. My value of joy, after my adventure I was on time, I was OK and the bridge was behind me and I was so proud of me.
  11. My value of clarity, she called me up and asked for clarity. I didn’t get the notification therefore I wasn’t there.
  12. My value of power, when I am in my power, then I determine what I wanna do and go for what I want. No one gonna take away from me and I will not give it away. Chill baby chill ❤
  13. My value of compliment, I have got some awesome compliments, thank you so much! Oh I have got a new nicked name ” Success Monster ” WOo Hoo! I Loved it.
  14. My value of compliment, some friends read my successes, they gave me their awesome feedback. I appreciated their support and it was very motivating! Thank you.
  15. My value of care & love, I appreciated their care, their love & their hugs. Thank you so much! It was always great to be in the Essence house and I love it.
  16. My value of love, it was awesome  to see my dear friend, I loved his smile and  his hugs. I was a happier girl.
  17. My value of privilege, It was great to be the PA. It was my privilege to be there. I was grateful for being chosen and be a friend.
  18. My value of care, he apologized what it has happened. It was all Ok, we are human and things happened. When I show my kindness then kindness will come back to me. When I care for me then I am able to care for others.
  19. My value of clarity, I was a hungry bear, I asked for support ” what are we gonna have for dinner? ” hmmm … 2 things I really wanted : Doner or Spareribs. Yes, Doner was good! <nom nom>
  20. My value of love, we had our gelato after our dinner, walked in the city hand in hand, enjoyed the evening sun and I loved our quality time.

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