I eat when I am hungry

Take it one day at a time. – No matter what’s happening, anyone can efficiently fight the battles of just one day. It’s only when I add the battles of those two abysmal eternities, yesterday and tomorrow, that life gets overwhelmingly complicated.

{My Successes}
My value of joy: I appreciated all their compliments and you guys are awesome. I was proud of me and I was proud of my outfit result <please click to see my result>. I was proud of me. I was proud of my successes. The most important thing is  that I do it with joy & passion.

My value of care & sharing: #Outfitingtraining <please click to read more> isn’t about dieting. It’s about improving the quality of my life by becoming slimmer with a new life style and with more joy. I got an amazing results, I am 13 kg lighter in 2016! A year later I am still on my target weight ❤

Believe me, food and exercises are not the only keys in this game. In the training I got tools to train my mind and to change my eating-habits! I have got awesome support & feedback from the trainer and the trainees. I will never walk alone!  Thank you beautiful people.

Dieting isn’t in this game neither and I enjoy food much more, I don’t worry about what I can’t eat, I can eat EVERYTHING and I love food. I am now a conscious-eater. <oh yeah!> Conscious eating is about reconnecting with my body. It’s about stopping the lies and the excuses. It’s about slowing down, it’s about appreciating and respecting the gift that is MY body.
How the heck do I do it daily? next to some awesome tools and I follow 3 basic’s:  I eat when I am hungry ~ I eat with small portions~ I stop when I am full~

    1. “I eat when I am hungry & I eat with small portion” ~ In the past I ate unconsciously. I ate on autopilot. I ate what I didn’t need. I ate socially. I ate because it’s expected. I sometimes ate emotionally.
      No No No. It was my history. When I wanna make it work, then I commit to me and I go for it.
      I eat when I am hungry. When I am hungry then I say that, it is very normal and I can’t ignore my hunger.

      For years I learned that I should eat breakfast before I started my day <when I don’t feel hungry>. Now I eat my yummy Soya yogurt around 9.30 am in my office <I left home @ 7 am!> and I enjoy my morning delight and have a break for myself. In my current job, I may determine when I can eat and it works perfectly for me. <Aha!>

      Dining out can be challenging. I wanna have a great evening with yummy food, “gezelligheid=cosy=fun” and lots of love. Most of the restaurant serve big portion <ouch!> When I didn’t eat everything on my plate, then they might think that I didn’t appreciate it or it wasn’t tasty!.  ” Thanks! I had enough and it was good!”
      Oh, I usually bring my Tupperware with me when I eat out. Firstly I will bring my food with me because I paid for it, secondly I don’t waste any food. My other alternative is that I order the starter for my meal and the portion is usually smaller.

      During the business lunch or dinner with my friends when I am full, I clarify my situation with them and I appreciate their support.  When I am clear about what I want, they will stop asking why, it gives me some peace in my mind without struggling or disappointing. I have a glass of water with me, sit there and chit chat with them.
      Food buffet, I use a small plate for my food, I take small portion and it’s all good. Ha Ha, I haven’t been to this  “all-you-can-eat” restaurant after my outfit training, ” I-don’t-wanna-pay-too-much” is my new policy. Why would I stuff myself anyway?
      Hey, food doesn’t make the party and I make the party!

    2. I stop when I am full” ~ In the past I often ate because that’s what the situation, circumstance or moment dictated. When I didn’t eat the food I didn’t need, then I was criticized. “Didn’t you dare leave anything on your plate” <Aha> I usually heard that “Think about the kids in Africa” <Aha> With all my respect to all starving people, I wasn’t in any of these situations and I have never experienced starving. Why can’t I say what I experience?  I am a cheeky monkey in real, I asked this person a question “did you experience starvation in the past?” <Oh!> A very awkward silence for few minute and our conversation stopped.
      How do I do it? I eat small portion, I take my time and I ask myself  this question “Am I hungry?” My belly and mind work together, I get an answer “No” and I stop when I am full. Really? Yes, it’s damned easy! When I eat slowly, my system takes its time to work and full is full.

      Does it always work? No. I sometimes overate, I sometimes ignore my full signal, I sometimes take myself for granted and be a pleaser. As a result, I gained weight and I felt like a loser for a moment of pleasure! I am just a human and I have Ups and Downs too, just like my weight. <Aha!> I know how to get back to my new life style, I corrected my mistake and I moved on.
      My bottom line after outfit: I have more energy. I am skinny. I am fit. I can eat everything. I am happier.


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