Am I Hungry ?

[Just A Simple Thought #1]
I love simplifying my life. It makes me more effective and life less stressful. It makes me calmer and happier.
Breathe. When stressed, lost in a problem in my mind, breathe with my belly for two minutes and just focus on the air going in and out. This will calm my body down and bring my mind back into the present moment again.

[My Successes]

  1. My value of motivation: my outfit successes were a hit. I blogged about my my weight lost journey and  it was great to share.
  2. My value of focus, I finished my concept before the meeting, <BAM!> I did it.
  3. My value of dare, I was the speaker in this meeting and hey! I wrote this and I can present this.
  4. My value of care & partnership, I appreciated their input and support and it is the first concept document for the club.
  5. My value of joy, Yummer and what is it? he supported me and I learned something new & very awesome. <bonus #1>
  6. My value of care & partnership, she appreciated my support, we gotta arrange our meeting and I appreciated her support.
  7. My value of excitement, I learned something awesome, I got a CYB-meeting and I am too excited with my bonus #2.
  8. My value of care & partnership, in 2 days I have talked to him 4 times, he asked for my support, I did what I can and he gave me his compliment.
  9. My value of ZEN, I had an angry person on the line, <breath in><breath out> He finally cooled down, I cleared the air and problem solved.
  10. My value of care & partnership, I sent my message to my new friend, he did well and he appreciated my greet. I gave him my compliment and we set an appointment for our meeting.
  11. My value of care & partnership, I offered my support, I suggested a solution and I looked for solution with them.
  12. My value of love & sharing: Before the outfit training, I mindless snack when I am full and I ate sometimes emotionally.  It was time for me to learn being conscious about what I am putting in my body, and to fully enjoy my meal.
    I would like to share my new insight after outfit training:
  • WAIT! Am I hungry? I recognize 3 different hunger-feeling. Is my belly gurgling? Yes, my body is giving me the signs of real hungry. Do I feel light-headed? Yes, my blood sugar is low and I gotta refill my energy tank ASAP. Have I got an appetite? Yes, it isn’t a real hunger, I take a minute to check and drink some water.
  • Sitting down at a table: Eating is a treat and gift to myself. Go sit down at a table and be mindful of where I am.
  • Put My fork down: Between each bite, eat slowly, put my fork down and take the time to chew, to taste and to enjoy.
  • Know where my food comes from: Knowing helps me to connect to the food and honor the experience of eating something someone has grown for me. I do my veggies mostly in Ecoplaza or farmer market. The meat I prefer free range or organic.
  • Feel the fullness: Am I full?  Do I need one more bite? I stop before I am stuffed. This requires tuning in to my body and listening to those first signs of satiation. I honor the process of eating moment to moment.

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