Easy Shopper

[A simple thought of life #4]
I love simplifying my life. It makes me more effective and life less stressful. It makes me calmer and happier. #4
Do all my grocery shopping once a week. I’ll save time, energy and – in my experience – money. I don’t need so much to eat anyway!

[My Successes]

  1. My value of joy, it was a new day, it was friday and it was a new challenge.
  2. My value of care, I reserved a work station for her and she appreciated my support.
  3. My value of fun, I had some laugh with her, it was funny and we laughed at my joke.
  4. My value of happiness, I was a happy girl, I was happy for his support and I was happy for the results.
  5. My value of gratefulness & partnership, I offered my support and I knew how it worked. They appreciated my support and I was grateful for their decision.  Great team work.
  6. My value of Love, Aha! I forgot these variables, it was good that it was tested and I gave my feedback.
  7. My value of clarity, it was a long story, I clarified this with her and I didn’t get this communication. She clarified this with me and I got it. Thanks.
  8. My value of care & partnership, I was in the meeting on time, I appreciated his input. It was awesome that he made time for me. Thanks.
  9. My value of clarity, I clarified this issue with him, he gave me feedback and I was grateful for his partnership. I was grateful for his support. I was a happy girl.
  10. My value of simplicity, since my outfit training I stop shopping extra snack or unnecessary food, I ate enough, I ate when I was hungry and I didn’t need to stuff me & my fridge. It saved money & time and it worked for me.
  11. My value of joy, one more CYB-meeting was in, Woo Hoo! I am excited and it was awesome!
  12. My value of love, I ate consciously and I got some of my grocery shopping in Ecoplaza. It tasted better, I was very sure that I did something back to our planet.
  13. My value of commitment, I ate with joy and I may eat everything. I got a bag of crisp or corn chips (150 g) for my snack time. <I usually finish the whole bag in 5 days!>
  14. My value of care & partnership, I appreciated their support. I appreciated their care. I appreciated their joy. They made my day.
  15. My value of care, I finally met her, it was great to talk to her and new friendship.

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