I Do Good Enough

[A simple thought of life #5]
I love simplifying my life. It makes me more effective and life less stressful. It makes me calmer and happier.
Stop trying to do things perfectlyIt will only get me stuck and drain my self-esteem. Go for good enough instead and when I am there I am done. Get things all the way to be done this way and then move on to the next thing.

[My Successes]

  1. My value of care, it was a cool day, I was an early bird and I had great night rest.
  2. My value of openness, she greeted me and asked me how I was. I appreciated her care, I opened up for her and I shared my stories.
  3. My value of care, she shared her stories with me and she was lovely and I was grateful for her care & friendeship.
  4. My value of love, I enjoyed our Saturdate, I loved our midday delight and just the 2 of us.
  5. My value of compliment, he gave me his compliment, I shared my successes with him and thank you so much.
  6. My value of clarity,  I asked for my sweet baboo’s support, “what will we have for dinner?” and we gotta have veggie, wan tan soup and fish meatball <Woo Hoo> It was so yummy.
  7. My value of openness & joy, I chatted with this artist, I shared my thought about his artwork and we had great conversation. Thanks, man!
  8. My value of sharing & insight, when I open up and share, then I get awesome ideas and sharing. I show my care and appreciation. My sharing and ideas were appreciated too.
  9. My value of joy & clarity, “the end is the new beginning”, my notebook #1 is full, I realized that I have done & achieved lots. I am proud of me.
  10. My value of gratefulness, I was a lucky girl and I got this job. I liked it, I had cool co-workers, they cared for me and I enjoyed my work even thought it was challenging sometimes. I was proud of me and I did great.
  11. My value of joy, quiet evening, watched my fav telly show and chatted with some friends. That’s a wonderful evening.
  12. My value of care, my belly nagged me a little whole day, I took it easy, took some rest and I took good care of me.

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