Doing What I like doing

[A simple thought of life #6]
I love simplifying my life. It makes me more effective and life less stressful. It makes me calmer and happier.
Doing what I like doing. Life changes and so do I. If I don’t like doing something anymore then stop doing that (even if it may take some time before I can do so by for example switching jobs).

[My Successes]

  1. My value of love, I posted some mother’s day message, I love you mom’s.
  2. My value of care, it was a lovely sunny Sunday, I had enough rest and my belly nagged less. Take it easy.
  3. My value of love, I made a mother’s day present for my mommy dear, pink I like and with hearts stickers ❤
  4. My value of  commitment, we might choose what we wanted for dinner. I chose a small piece of steak & some veggie and I was excited.
  5. My value of joy, I watched this Netflix series #MasterofNone, it was great and season one done and I enjoyed the show.
  6. My value of fun, I made some Wefies with my handsome nephews, I always had fun with them and I loved them lots.
  7. My value of gratefulness, I was grateful for my mom’s & dad’s love. I was grateful for their care. I was grateful for their support.
  8. My value of love & care, it was a great day, I enjoyed my quality time with my loves and I enjoyed the great meal.
  9. My value of love, my mom-in-law called us and greeted us. She appreciated my mother’s day message and love ya , mama lief 😉
  10. My value of joy, I had an ice cream sundae for desert, it was excellent and I was a happier girl.
  11. My value of self-trust, When I am trust me, then I didn’t let this noise to bother me.
  12. My value of love & loyalty, one of my simple thought of life “doing what I like doing” and my bottom line is that life is short, have fun, enjoy what I do and be me. I determine what to do. When thing doesn’t work for me anymore, then I will simply say “goodbye & good luck”.

    I ended my first professional marriage last year, it was a nasty ending and  I have learned many things there. I realized that my heart didn’t belong there anymore. Should I stay or should I go? I needed to move on, stop taking me for granted and it was my action time. I also considered at one point, was my ego in my way and leaded me to some irrational decision? Ha! I didn’t see myself as a victim in this situation and I was certain what I did. In the lead or not in the lead, it wasn’t important to me anymore, I moved on and I had something better & cooler. At my age (45 years young) I had my career switch, it’s totally awesome.

    I ended my worry this year, I had my hysterectomy and it was a happy ending. I was grateful for making this decision, I was worry-free now and I am still a woman without one female organ.
    Kids or no kids? it wasn’t important to me anymore and I live. I sleep in when I want, we go out for dinner when we want and napping is a serious business! Did I complain about my power nap?


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