Short and Clear

[A simple thought of life #9]
I love simplifying my life. It makes me more effective and life less stressful. It makes me calmer and happier.
Write shorter emails. I tend to write emails containing only a few sentences, usually between one and five. If I focus on keeping it short and focused then I’ll probably discover that this is a good solution in most cases. As I learned, people might assume that my mail is direct or harsh or hurtful and now my lesson is that it was just baloney when I believed what she told me. In reality, short mail works for us.

[My Successes]

  1. My value of care & partnership, I traveled for work, it was a pretty place and my first impression was ” was I in Disneyland of something?”
  2. My value of clarity, I asked for support, I clarified this lab and it was strange that it wasn’t on their list.
  3. My value of care & partnership, I gave my feedback and something didn’t make any sense of just wrong info.
  4. My value of drive, I appreciated their positive vibes, positivity and partnership. Thank you & keep in touch.
  5. My value of care & partnership, I asked for support and I appreciated her support. Thanks, you are the best.
  6. My value of joy, I met my ex-ICT colleagues, it was awesome to catch up and exchanged information.
  7. My value of love, I liked my white silk blouse and flower little skirt and it was tropical, man.
  8. My value of joy, it was lovely outside, I had a short walk during my lunch break.
  9. My value of joy, I had good laugh with the folks, it was great to get some MMB updates.
  10. My value of joy, I hanged out with my the folks, a glass of cold beer and a burger and it made my day.
  11. My value of care, it was a long day for me, lots of moving and I had this massive muscle ache <oh man!>, I took it easy.
  12. My value of care, I took it easy and the last thing I wanted : sick!
  13. My value of partnership, I asked for support, I may carpool with the folks and I found out that he live in Noordwijkerhout. We had some great conversation.
  14. My value of fun, I joined the team and participated some games. It was really awesome.
  15. My value of care, I spoke up why I didn’t join these games, it was physical and I wasn’t ready for it.
  16. My value of fun, I was fun to meet different people in the department, fun chit chat and it was awesome to know someone from different perspective.
  17. My value of gratefulness, I appreciated his care and he drove me home safely after our company party.
  18. My value of care, I didn’t feel well, I was tired and I went to bed when I was home.
  19. My value of clarity & partnership, I asked for clarity, it made things easier.
  20. My value of care, I took good care of me, hot cold rex, vitamin and lots of water.

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