Effective Listeners #5

Last week I had this communication training for the Tech support (TS or service desk). Why tech support? TS is an important department in the organization. They are the first line to contact client (i.e. colleagues, professional or patients) and they are the image of the organization. I don’t work in the tech support, I am the system manager of Cyberlab and I contact & support Cyberlab users daily.  Sometimes I have no clue how I would do better and I would love to get some extra tools and technique to perform my tasks effectively. Here we go, I signed in for this training and it was a great present and pleasant experience for me.

I also realized that the more we work and switchtasking at the same time, the worse our listening gets. In fact people found it more and more difficult to listen carefully while they doing many different things at the same time.

The art of being an effective communicator, be it at home or work doesn’t just come from effective talking but also from effective listening. I have to listen to what the other person is saying and then accordingly, but not instantly, react to that… Let’s talk about the common barriers that hinder effective listening, and what we can do to change that to make us better listeners.
{EL #5: Judgmental and shut our ears}
So sometimes, I just don’t like what has been said, or the way it was said. Then, his is the point where I kind of stopped listening to what people had to say because I did not like their views – thus I judged them with my opinion. Did the speaker miss out on anything? No. But did I? Yes.

What I should have done is put my resentment aside, and listening to what all they had to say – I might have learned something new for sure.

{My Successes}

  1. with My value of  love & sharing, I shared my successes on Outfit page and I was a happy girl.
  2. with My value of love, Oops! I forgot to switch on the out of office notification. I logged in, helped 2 cases and I shouldn’t work on my day off.
  3. with My value of determination, It was my day off. I didn’t wanna go out. I was in my PJ. <Bam!> I stayed inside and watched Netflix.
  4. with My value of love, I stopped to shift my day off. When I can compromise, then so are they.
  5. with My value of care & partnership, on the other hand, it’s easier to arrange one (my) calendar than with the whole team. I didn’t mind to adjust, to provide my service and make things done.
  6. with My value of ZEN, Netflix was my friend today and I took a power nap too.
  7. with My value of care, laundry was done, I had 1 task less for the weekend and I will be in a party.
  8. with My value of love, I signed in for PA, Woo Hoo! I will be there and celebrate life.
  9. with My value of  love, Oops! I read my work mails and it was a day off.
  10. with My value of insight, sex creates lives and ends lives. I was shock that a 14 years old suspect killed this girl. He has committed sex crime, according to the police and there are still many question marks .
    Sex is normal and natural. When a girl says NO, then she means NO and a guy should understand what NO is and then stop. For cry out loud, some guys didn’t listen.  I still didn’t know what happened with this girl and now she lost her life. It is more about power than sex, I supposed.
    When you have a penis and it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want with it. Sadly, on this planet some A-holes still do stupid things, it is because they have penises and I can’t laugh about it. By the way, there is nothing in the vagina, it is basically a muscular tube and it means that this stupid 14 years old boy killed for nothing. The only thing he wanted was his penis inside her vagina. Wauw! that’s very stupid in my opinion and he will spend the rest of his life in jail for nothing.
    I am a tax payer, he will soon get free food, a roof above his head with metal bars, no freedom will be a bummer and does it mean that I pay for his mistake? On the other hand, some senior citizens didn’t get proper food or proper care and a criminal has got more attention than a lovable granny. What the hell!

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