Effective Listeners #8

Last week I had this communication training for the Tech support (TS or service desk). Why tech support? TS is an important department in the organization. They are the first line to contact client (i.e. colleagues, professional or patients) and they are the image of the organization. I don’t work in the tech support, I am the system manager of Cyberlab and I contact & support Cyberlab users daily. Sometimes I have no clue how I would do better and I would love to get some extra tools and technique to perform my tasks effectively. Here we go, I signed in for this training and it was a great present and pleasant experience for me.

I also realized that the more we work and switch tasking at the same time, the worse our listening gets. In fact people found it more and more difficult to listen carefully while they doing many different things at the same time.

The art of being an effective communicator, be it at home or work doesn’t just come from effective talking but also from effective listening. I have to listen to what the other person is saying and then accordingly, but not instantly, react to that… Let’s talk about the common barriers that hinder effective listening, and what we can do to change that to make us better listeners.
{EL #8: We switch tasking and Mistake hearing for listening}

We are often doing so many things together, that we might hear what is being said but don’t listen to it at all. I will not work out a solution simply because while I heard the words, they didn’t really register at all. The problem is merely going to snowball into a bigger one.

The solution is to keep those phones, laptops and TV remotes aside and actually listen to what is being said – and then offer a helping hand when I can.

{My Successes}

  1. with My value of joy,  2 mins planking and 1 mins (20x) Frog post, here we go, baby! Yes I can do it.
  2. with My value of joy, nothing is permanent, I live now, I enjoy my moment.
  3. with My value of love, I clarified what my Saturday planning was, my sweet offered his support <Woo Hoo> Thank you my love.
  4. with My value of joy, it saved me one trip from The Hague to Leiden and I shared some quality time with my love.
  5. with My value of care, I took my yummy food with me, I took good care of me.
  6. with My value of excitement, I assisted in the process, I am excited and I loved to be in the Essence house.
  7. with My value of love & joy, it was awesome to meet my dear friend, we hugged, we chatted and we had fun.
  8. with My value of love, I invested in me and I invested in the trainees. It was my privilege and I was there to share & to care.
  9. with My value of challenge, I waited for the process, it was not My thing to wait longer than 30 mins! It was my PR and I was totally out of my comfort zone. I was there to serve, I was there to invest and I was there to have fun.
  10. with My value of self-loyalty, I talked about this event, she told me that he called her for clarification and perhaps I didn’t know my thing <because he didn’t get what he wanted> I wasn’t angry, it wasn’t about me and it’s how a system works.  I trusted me and I didn’t let this little bitch to get me. I realize that I am stronger than I think. Why would I waste my time to little bitch like him. <Hey Hoo>
  11. with My value of love, I was grateful to be in this process (WDYW). I was grateful for challenging myself. I was grateful for sharing my love. I was grateful for sharing my hugs.
  12. with My value of care & partnership, I asked for support, she drove me safely to the station and I appreciated for her support. Thank you so much.
  13. with My value of love, I hanged out with my dear friend, I shared my successes, I shared my joy and it was great to see you again.
  14. with My value of care & partnership, she asked for my support, we recorded this video message about assisting and it was fun.
  15. with My value of clarity, I reserved a table for lunch, I sent my message and I let them know. See ya later.

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