Effective Listeners #9

Last week I had this communication training for the Tech support (TS or service desk). Why tech support? TS is an important department in the organization. They are the first line to contact client (i.e. colleagues, professional or patients) and they are the image of the organization. I don’t work in the tech support, I am the system manager of Cyberlab and I contact & support Cyberlab users daily. Sometimes I have no clue how I would do better and I would love to get some extra tools and technique to perform my tasks effectively. Here we go, I signed in for this training and it was a great present and pleasant experience for me.

I also realized that the more we work and switch tasking at the same time, the worse our listening gets. In fact people found it more and more difficult to listen carefully while they doing many different things at the same time.

The art of being an effective communicator, be it at home or work doesn’t just come from effective talking but also from effective listening. I have to listen to what the other person is saying and then accordingly, but not instantly, react to that… Let’s talk about the common barriers that hinder effective listening, and what we can do to change that to make us better listeners.
{EL #9 First to respond}
Again, many a time, I am in such a hurry to be the first to respond to a question being asked, especially when in a group – that I don’t really listen to the question and respond to what we thought was asked instead. Thus I end up playing the fool. I get so busy in formulating a reply or an instant response that I limit my listening and start thinking instead and very often miss the gist of what was being said.
The solution is to first listen, understand and then respond to it if a response is needed in the first place. For all I know, the question being asked was a rhetorical one.

{My Successes}

  1. with My value of care, I woke up too early and I fell asleep on my lazy chair. It was great that I got enough sleep.
  2. with My value of love, I appreciated a kiss on my forehead when I woke up, thank you darling.
  3. with My value of clarity, I clarified our day planning, it worked for us.
  4. with My value of love, my sweet baboo asked for my support and he wanted my cup cakes for his BD treat. Absolutely hunny.
  5. with My value of fun, I had fun with my baby sister and we had a good laugh.
  6. with My value of care, I chit chatted with my mommy dear & daddy bear and they both did great.
  7. with My value of care & partnership, my mom helped me out to order the food and thank you so much.
  8. with My value of commitment, I was a hungry bear, I ate dim sum and noodles for lunch.
  9. with My value of fun, I had boomerang fun with the kids, I had some kids fun.
  10. with My value of love, we got grocery shopping, I got extra ingredient for cup cakes and I got BD present for my sweet baboo.
  11. with My value of love & joy, I baked cupcakes. I cooked my lunch. I was a happy girl and I loved cooking.
  12. with My value of joy, I watched our fav TV shows, feet up and I chilled out.
  13. with My value of joy, I caught up with my dear friend, he did well and we had great chat and laugh.
  14. with My value of love, we got this yummy smoothie instead of gelato for our Sunday treat. Green immunity <spinach, apple juice, celery> was my favorite.
  15. with My value of care, facial mask, me time. I spoiled myself with the beauty treat and I was ready for the new week.

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