Attentive and Listen

{Just A Thought}
Critical listening is not listening with a critical or jaundiced view, rather, it’s the next step in learning where I evaluate and scrutinize all that is being said and figure how much of it holds true in different contexts and how much of it have I truly understood. This is also the time to raise my doubts and ask my questions, once the speaker has finished his/her talk, so as to truly understand what is being said.

To be in a critical listening mode, I have to be attentive and listen to all that the speaker is saying and also try and read between the lines, instead of talking the words on just a literal scale. Make notes if I want, and make sure to raise my hand and ask those questions at the end – I have to be clear on the understanding and comprehension of all I listened to. I can also choose to digress from or argue a point if I disagree about something.
{My Successes}

  1. with My value of  care & partnership, I was an early bird, I read my work mails and I took action.
  2. with My value of love, Ooops! it was my day off and I took myself for granted! I arranged some stuffs for the test day, only for this.
  3. with My value of love, I promised NOT to read my work mail and I didn’t. I went to my massage appointment.
  4. with My value of joy, I visited my masseur, I chatted with her and I appreciated her care & her love. It was amazing! Thank you darling.
  5. with My value of focus, I saw blue sky and cloud when <hehe ..> I also saw yellow light and I was totally ZEN.
  6. with My value of openness, I opened up for her care, I opened up for her love and I loved me. It was enjoyably, joyful and addictive <haha>
  7. with My value of clarity, I disliked this and I spoke up. It was their call to give feedback to their people  and I was sharp & clear. When you asked for it, I will give it to you.
  8. with My value of care & partnership, I asked for support, I clarified my terms and my expectation and Game on, people!
  9. with My value of care & partnership, I shared mine and I wanted to read yours, may I? I asked for support, I was curious about their procedure.
  10. with My value of sharing, I spoke up about this situation. I didn’t like gossip and non-sense. I appreciated professional, partnership and cooperation! I wasn’t a party and I was very serious.
  11. with My value of care & love, I was grateful for her care for us, I appreciated her energy and she was my help and friend.
  12. with My value of joy, I enjoyed our girl’s chat, we shared our events and successes. I appreciated our quality time. Thanks darling.
  13. with My value of insight, when I want positive vibes, then I feed my energy to the positive vibes and it worked for me.
  14. with My value of dare, I accepted this challenge. I realized that I was dealing with the known character and known situation. Boo Hoo! I left my past package behind me and I was lucky that I am a better me now! <Game on, birdy>
  15. with My value of joy, I had a good laugh with my dear friend Q, he cracked me up big time and thank yous sweetie.

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