Unusual Sunday

{Just A Thought}
Combine repetitive tasks to get them out of the way
Certain tasks are difficult to make interesting, no matter how hard I try.
Get these yawn-inducing chores out of the way ASAP by combining them into one quick, focused batch.
For example, if I hate listening to long story in the conf call, and dislike tidying my desk, do them both at the same time. I’ll halve the time I spend bored out of my mind, and can move onto more interesting tasks as soon as I’m done.

{My Successes}

  1. with My value of care, I got a long, good night sleep and it was great.
  2. with My value of love, I had my happy tosti lunch with my sweet baboo and it was amazing.
  3. with My value of commitment, I ordered a small bowl of paprika soup and it was very yummy.
  4. with My value of compliment, I gave my compliment with my thumb up but I couldn’t talk <mouth full with food> The boss came by and asked again <huh!> I laughed and asked what was going on! <Aha!> It was because I didn’t say anything, the waiter thought that I wasn’t happy. I winked at him later and I gave him my compliment again.
  5. with My value of love, I prepared our dinner for tomorrow and it smelled great in our house.
  6. with My value of joy, I created 3 samples of the pressie, I will share it and ask for input. I am excited.
  7. with My value of love, I asked for my sweet baboo’s feedback, he liked sample #1, it was my first idea and I liked this most.
  8. with My value of care, I took my beauty sleep, it was amazing and I was grateful.
  9. with My value of joy, it was an event in the neighborhood and we were out of our house <safety first!> and everything was fine and this event worried me a little. It was fine that everyone was fine.
  10. with My value of care, I talked to my neighbor, they were fine and it was the most important after all.
  11. with My value of love, I loved to chat with my dear girl, she is an amazing, strong and powerful. I missed her and I sent her my message. I shared my love & I shared my opinion with her. I hope that I may bright up her day.
  12. with My value of love, I loved to chat with my amazing girl friend, she inspires me lots, I enjoyed our chat and she is a great friend. I shared my event with her and no kidding! I discovered birdy #2, scary and funny at the same time.
  13. with My value of happiness, I love to share my things when I want to. I dislike people to “promote” my private life and without my permission. <Yes, been there & done that!> Well, she isn’t in my life anymore and I am pleased.  I trust my friends, I am grateful for that and we respect our privacy and freedom.
  14. with My value of love, I loved to share my fun with my baby sis. She is amazing and she inspires me lots too,
  15. with My value of love, I created a new play list for the new week, I am happy and do something different in my routine.

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