{Just A Thought}
Appreciation is key in all relationships. Thank yous validate people, it makes them know they matter, it makes them feel better about themselves, and it deepens my relationship together. Appreciation helps people develop skills and awareness of the needs of others, and what it means to be of service and give back to the world in big and small ways. Appreciation has a way of being contagious, and creating positive energy that stays with the people and the place.

{My Successes of the day}

  1. with My value of joy, I was a happy girl when I woke up before my alarm clock. My bio-alarm-clock was on time too.
  2. with My value of care, I created my art work, I wrote my successes and it was uploaded later.
  3. with My value of clarity, I briefed her in the morning, I kept her posted and she will leave us soon.
  4. with My value of fun, we talked some seriousl issues and I bought up this idea ” I am the CYB step-mom ” then we laughed like silly. She had this brilliant idea about adoption. <wahahaha…> we laughed our asses off.
  5. with My value of  gratefulness, I was grateful for her support. I was grateful for her care. I was grateful for her partnership. I was a lucky girl.
  6. with My value of focus, I set my target and I finished this road map/planning <Yeah!>
  7. with My value of care, I will be there in the office on next thursday, she was happy, it will be her last working day and it will be great to share our moment. Thank you so much.
  8. with My value of love, Aha! I was busy with my thing, I didn’t have time for drama and I won’t give it to you,baby!
  9. with My value of care, I chatted with my boss, she shared her event with me and I appreciated her support too.
  10. with My value of care, I cared for her and I shared my ideas about this with her. She gave me her compliment and “you are different and it’s great” Thank you so much.
  11. with My value of care & partnership, she asked for support, I will record and report this. I will keep them posted.
  12. with My value of clarity, I had question about this data, I asked for clarification and I gotta understand why.
  13. with My value of happiness, I accepted the good and I let the bad go. I was a happy bunny.
  14. with My value of love, it was cool to chat with Q, he shared his sweetest stories with me and he made me laugh a lot!
  15. with My value of love, early bed time was good for me, I took care of me.

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