Make the Most of it

{Just A Thought}
Obsessive negative thinking. – It’s very hard to be around people who refuse let go of negativity – when they dwell on and speak incessantly about the terrible things that could happen and have happened, the slights they’ve suffered, and the unfairness of life.  These people stubbornly refuse to see the positive side of life and the positive lessons from what’s happening.  Pessimism is one thing – but remaining perpetually locked in negative thoughts is another.  Only seeing the negative, and operating from a view that everything is negative and against me, is a skewed way of thinking and living, and I can change that.

{My Successes}

  1. with My value of joy, I have got these 2 apple gifts, I was a happy girl and it worked for me.
  2. with My value of joy, I ate what I wanted and no diet in my life. 3 basic rules: 1) I eat when I am hungry 2) I eat small portion 3) I stop when I am full. Thank you #outfittraining
  3. with My value of joy, I didn’t have to get a happy meal, I got an ice cream and I bought 2 minions in McD. I was a happy girl.
  4. with My value of care, when I was in the cinema, a strong smelling lady sat next to me and I felt sick. I didn’t say anything, she looked happy and just like me. I can’t sit somewhere else and I didn’t wanna spoil our day and it was painfully smelly. I decided to shut my big mouth and sucked it up. After 1.5 hrs I wanted to leave ASAP and I didn’t care bonus stuff in the movie.
  5. with My value of awareness, I am a logic machine and I say what I think. When it doesn’t make sense and I tell. I realize that I don’t have to open my mouth and spread words all the time. In some situation, it was ok to say nothing. Yes I can do it.
  6. with My value of ZEN, I was in my PJ, Netflix was on, sat on my couch and it was my lazy Sunday. I was the winner of the couch potato competition.
  7. with My value of care, I cooked my lunch for the coming week. Sindy’s deli with Quinoa, tofu, bimi, green asparagus and mushroom <nom nom>
  8. with My value of insight, “team work makes a dream work” I appreciated team work and I had much more fun.
  9. with My value of love, I created a new play list “Sindy’s love”, I got some new, some old and some goosebumps songs for my new week.
  10. with My value of love & joy, I loved to watch documentary, it was about Japan, handmade goods like sword, kimono, and it was part of their culture.

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