Needing Validation

{Just A Thought}
Needing constant validation. – Last but not least, people who constantly strive for validation by others are exhausting to be around.  Those men and women who get caught up in the need to prove their worth over and over and over, and constantly want to “win” over everyone around them, are unintentionally toxic and draining.  Know this.  Overly-attaching to how things have to look to others can wear me out and bring everyone else around me down.  There is a bigger picture to my life, and it’s not about what I achieve in the eyes of the masses.  It’s about the journey, the process, the path – what I am learning, how I am helping others learn too, and the growing process I allow myself to participate in.

{My Successes}

  1. with My value of care, I slept in and it was amazing. It was my day off.
  2. with My value of love, Ouch! I read my work mail, it was my day off and I did it again.
  3. with My value of care & partnership, I offered my support, I filtered my mail box and I replied these “can’t-wait” mail. It was my job and I also reminded myself “I am free today”
  4. with My value of clarity, after 10 am I stopped ready my mail and I did it.
  5. with My value of care & partnership, I appreciated his feedback and his report. I took action and I gave my feedback.
  6. with My value of compliment, he gave me his compliment, he appreciated my support and I appreciated his compliment. Thanks my dear.
  7. with My value of joy, I was home alone, no appointment, I took care of us and I was a part-time-housewife today. It was something different.
  8. with My value love, my sweet baboo asked for my support, shopping was one of my greatest talent and I was a happy bear to shop with your credit card.
  9. with My value of awareness, I realized that I can sense the emotion in my mail and a text. I thought that I can’t. They must radiate their energy through the internet. Yeah it must be me!
  10. with My value of insight, I have my value system and I learn the knowledge on my path in my journey. I create my own value system and I believe what I belief.
  11. with My value of simplicity, The greatest things about simplicity is: I keep it simple, clear and easy. I accept what life gives me and I don’t fight against it.
  12. with My value of insight, I combine my own value and experience, I create the magic in my journey and I show others how unique I am and how I do things in my way.
  13. with My value of love, I am a giver, not a taker. I wanna be the protector too, I protect the thing I create and to support what they ask me to.
  14. with My value of clarity, I asked feedback, I finally got her answer and game on. I will create this awesome pressie. <Bam!>
  15. with My value of creativity, I loved to create awesome stuff, I enjoyed it and I was a happy bear.

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