Take Care of Me

<Just Saying>
It all begins with ME. When I care for myself, I will be strong enough to take care of anything in my life.

<My Successes of the day>

  1. with My value of joy, I chatted with my mommy dear about my stupid event and we had a great laugh.
  2. with My value of care, I had my sunday  routine, it was quiet, it was sunny and I was a happy bear.
  3. with My value of love, I enjoyed our Sundate and we had lunch just the 2 of us.
  4. with My value of simplicity, little things in life amazed me, for example: we held our hands when we walked together, a bear hug, a little kiss and heard a simple good morning. I was lucky to able to experience this.
  5. with My value of commitment, I was a hungry bear, I ordered this happy tosti for lunch and I was on the swing. <wahahaha …>
  6. with My value of inspiration, when I looked at my tosti and I had this funny thought in my head ” Life is like tosti, fill it with colorful ingredients and makes it yummy ” my lunch was amazing.
  7. with My value of care & sharing, I saw this board with a funny quote “when you can’t stay, you can take me away” I understand that it was about take away service. I gave them feedback, I spoke up what my idea was “what is me here?” “I will take this board away ” and we had some chat. I gave them my compliment. It was a happy place, yummy food, waiters were handicapped and with limitation. I didn’t care, they did great and I liked their spirit.
  8. with My value of gratefulness, I appreciated their care, they took good care of us and thank you so much.
  9. with My value of care, I had my nap, it was a great me quality time and I was a happy bunny.
  10. with My value of insight, I don’t gotta be always right, I always wanna do the right thing.
  11. with My value of sharing, I practiced visualization after I followed the outfit training and it was an amazing experience. When I get into the bed every night, just take few minutes to think about what I want in life. Imagine it as if it has come true, if that brings smile to my face, be set assured that the mind conditioning as started. Do it every night, till the time it becomes a natural habit, all I can think about is what can go right in the directions of my dreams.
  12. with My value of happiness, pork belly in the oven, baked potato and green salad. Our house smelled great and it tasted amazing.

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