Something Like That

>How I make me stronger<
Life will change for me – my values will be different, I will start making out my priorities in life and I will know with time what changes I want to make in my life.
I will start gaining new clarity. I will be out of the fog and out into the open field with new horizons ahead. It’s likely I will be at a crossroad and have to make decisions.
This is still a process and life always is a process. I haven’t achieved some sort of end-result. Far from it, I will be learning constantly from now on. I will be better aware of my own internal processes, thoughts, patterns and weaknesses. I will be gentle and accepting of every part of myself – integrating them into wholeness.

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of power, I felt energetic, I was motivated and I promised myself to kick ass today. <Bam!>
  2. with My value of determination & insight, I realized that I am the only one who’s holding myself back. Fuck!  I determined to adjust this program and it gonna be awesome.
  3. with My value of sharing, I shared my successes with her. We are good and we will be better. These “slaps” were nothing, it made us stronger and we improved ourselves big time.
  4. with My value of dare, I had no idea how it worked, I used my logic power and it worked finally. <wahahaha …> I did it.
  5. with My value of care & partnership, I asked for support, I was thankful for his partnership and support. You are my hero.
  6. with My value of drive, my energy and my drive was sky high. After this mission possible I was a happy girl, I was motivated and I danced.
  7. with My value of joy, it was sunny lovely day, I enjoyed the sun in my break and vitamin D is important for me <yeah!>
  8. with My value of fun, I had my lunch walk, it was lovely and I got some sun, some fresh air and some fun.
  9. with My value of gratefulness, I appreciated his care. I appreciated his support. I appreciated his sharing.
  10. with My value of positivity, I believe in me. When I want  something, then let that drive push me to make it happen. Sometimes I will run into jack asses that are be there to test me. I find a way around them and stay focused on my dream. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
  11. with My value of  love, my shoes were here, I love you, TOMS! I was a happy bunny.
  12. with My value of  love, I cooked my famous spaghetti with a la Sindy tomato sauce. It smelled amazing and we enjoyed our dinner.
  13. with My value of compliment, when this kind guy delivered my package, he smelled the tomato sauce, he gave me his compliment and I appreciated his compliment. I asked him to stay for dinner and he gotta work. I loved his smile.
  14. with My value of joy, I learned something new. I was out of my comfort zone and fun is on the other side of fear. <woo hoo!>
  15. with My value of care & partnership, I gave him my feedback, I asked for support and we had great chat. I appreciated his input. Thank you so much.

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