Let Light Guide You

>How I make me stronger<
Don’t let my fears, worries, and stresses be the ones that lead me through life.  It will cause my progress to be frustrating and slow.  Decide to move through life with positivity, faith, and love as my guides.  Let the light guide my steps and my fears will be forced to drag behind in the shadows.
Determine if I have any behaviors or habits that are holding me back, if I do, start the process of changing them or letting them go!  I don’t have to allow them to lead me down the wrong path any longer.  Create some new habits that will strengthen my mind, body, and spirit. I have the power to take back control of my life!

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of joy, I was an early bird on my day off, what am I gotta do? I had a list of “to finish” items. No work tho.
  2. with My value of love, I am the prio 1 today, I focused on me and I focused on my wellness and business.
  3. with My value of insight, Believing and trusting me, no matter what I go through and I will make it. <Bam!>
  4. with My value of power, in this situation, I realized that I was/am a powerhouse and I got the energy from this words and details experts. The energy of both combine is freaking powerful. I realized that I used this new energy (+ my own) to motivate me to be better, to dare and to improve. <Great stuff!>
    This experience was priceless, I was grateful and I should send out more thank you note. Thanks for this vulnerable presents and I fucking love it !
  5. with My value of kindness, I have learned something yesterday. It was about communication styles, ego and love our mistake. This remark hits me and I kept my cool.
    Instead of feeling bad for these people, my first reaction was to think ” Damn did someone have a bad day? of was I too much for them?” I didn’t give my fuck, I stick to business, be kind and didn’t let this to drag me down to their levels. Their choice of words were wrong, their way of dealing problem was different, unclear and twisted the facts to fantasy. Either way, I learned something a lot about me.
    When they can’t answer my questions, then I wondered why I didn’t hear answer like ” I don’t know” or ” no idea ” or “My bad” Ha! I realized that silence was also an answer. <accepted!>
    Remember: whenever someone throws a bunch of negativity at me then they just might be in the middle of the worst day of their lives. I didn’t know and no one told me that. I keep in my mind <be cool, be calm & be kind> never ever throwing the same shit right back at them. <Love beats hate>
  6. with My value of awareness, I wrote my blog about me. Again, when my blog bugs you then block me and leave. I don’t wanna hurt your eyes or other organs. When you think that I talk about you .. hmmm .. then I can’t control your interpretation or your powerful imagination. No, sorry darling, I don’t blog about other people but me.
    Sharing is a powerful thing. People might be associated my experience with theirs and I am the one who shared my successes online and I loved it.
    By the way, sharing is caring. I hope that I may inspire my reader <YOU!> to share what you care for and I care to share with the beautiful people in our surrounding.
  7. with My value of love & care, I think of my dearest people in my life. I sent out some cards, sent my love and I showed my care.
  8. with My value of self-love, I determine what I wanna do. I determine what I wanna say and no one determines this for me. Only one person may do this. <Beware>
  9. with My value of joy, it was my day off, my creative juice flew and I loved my creativity. It was so awesome.
  10. with My value of happiness, I earn and fight for my happiness through sweat and tears, and even I can slip and fall back to where I started. When it happens, then I change my mindset towards it. Happiness is simply a way of looking at things. It’s a way of travel and not a destination.
  11. with My value of care & partnership, my iPhone was updated, what the fork! Why is my mailbox with 40+ messages and I checked. Ouch! they had network problem and I recorded and reported. I asked for support and I took action.
  12. with My value of care & partnership, I appreciated their support. I appreciated their partnership. I appreciated our cooperation. I gave them my compliment and great job, team.
  13. with My value of self-loyalty, “See no shit and hear no shit”, what a reaction. It wasn’t about me and it said lots about what you are.
  14. with My value of compliment, she gave me her compliment, yes it was day off and I supported this. I was still free and I enjoyed Netflix. <WooHoo>
  15. with My value of care & partnership, she asked for my support, I gave her my feedback and I will make this awesome document. <Bam!>
  16. with My value of compliment, I gave her my compliment, I appreciated her support and I appreciated her partnership. We are TEAM.
  17. with My value of ZEN, I realized what they are doing, it was their way or no way and they knew what we wanted. We played their rules and we were safe. <Ha!> slow down tiger, it’s not how partnership and cooperation works. I got it.
  18. with My value of joy, I enjoyed my day and I loved it.
  19. with My value of self-loyalty, I disliked pleaser. I disliked nitpicker. I disliked control freak. I disliked back stabber. I disliked ID10T. I disliked sand. I disliked dust. I disliked cow milk. I disliked people cruel to animals. How do I deal with it? I spoke up, I stepped out of my comfort zone, took action and said it loud & clear ” get lost!” <Bam!>
  20. with My value of love, my sweet baboo is the best huggy bear in the world. Thank you so much.

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