Face My Mistakes

>How I make me stronger<
No one likes to make mistakes or find themselves regretting their actions. Simply put, no one is perfect. I gotta  forgive myself for not being perfect. While not being able to obtain perfection should never be an excuse for not trying my hardest, accepting my humanity often helps me focus on what’s truly important: getting up when I fall and continuing on towards success.

There is nothing wrong with getting upset with myself when I don’t achieve my goals. In fact, I need to get a little angry in order to push myself. Being too hard on myself, however, can discourage me from having faith in overcoming my obstacles – which is the last thing I can afford.

The next time I make a mistake or wish I had made a better choice, remember that I will have other opportunities to do what’s right. There will be other chances for me to face my fears and stand up to my obstacles. Don’t lose hope in myself.

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of joy, I was an energetic bunny this morning and I was ready for my day.
  2. with My value of care, Oh my! I worried when I read her message, I called her and I offered my support. She appreciated my support and I showed my care.
  3. with My value of clarity, I gave her my feedback and clarification. Toegther we are stronger and you go girl!
  4. with My value of dare, I excepted this challenge, bring it on and I gotta kick some asses. <Bam!>
  5. with My value of clarification, I planned & prioritized my tasks “to finish” and “to wait”. I made space for my mind for this surprised task, Game on!
  6. with My value of care & partnership, I asked for support, I appreciated his partnership. We had some silly chat chit and I will be the cookie monster soon. How many nicknamed do I have for now?
  7. with My value of care & partnership, I asked for support, he took over and he helped me out. Thanks, you are my star #1
  8. with My value of clarification, I am supposed to get this document, where was it? I asked for support and what is a test script? <huh!> I clarified and you knew what I wanted.
  9. with My value of ZEN, I had a busy morning, I didn’t let them drive me mad, I mediated for few minutes <breath in> <breath out> I had my moment back, I was here and now and I was back.
  10. with My value of love, I appreciated his feedback, I appreciated his love, I appreciated his care and I gave him my compliment. Thanks darling.
  11. with My value of insight, I have to make a choice that’s difficult, the choice to not wallow in pity, stand in the midest of fear, and move on with my life.  When I make this choice, then I am responsible for the consequences.
  12. with My value of care & partnership, I was a lucky girl, I had all the stars by my side, I appreciated their support, I appreciated their care and I appreciated our partnership. 2 cold play cool songs made my day “A sky full of stars” and “something just like this” <dance dance>
  13. with My value of joy, I loved this process, I loved this challenge, I loved my dare and I love the results.
  14. with My value of care & partnership, I gave her my feedback, I gave her my compliment and I appreciated our partnership & cooperation. Thanks, you are my star #2.
  15. with My value of fun, I appreciated her compliment, I appreciated her input and we had some silly laugh. Yes it sounded like a criminal and it was so damned funny <haha …>
  16. with My value of strength, I read this joke again, oh my … three times a week and it wasn’t funny anymore. I laughed cynically with a big SIGH. Where’s The Fun (WTF) when I let him to get me. No-fucking-way! My smile was bigger.
  17. with My value of determination, I determined to do this again, it failed last time and it should be right this time <Bam!>
  18. with My value of sharing, I shared this event, I clarified this and was I the banana or a dance? No and No. It was great to share, we had some chat and it was all crystal clear.
  19. with My value of joy, I got myself a cup of mango black tea lemonade at starbbucks, it was so good and I deserved it after a banana day. <Yeah!>
  20. with My value of joy, I got myself the other present, we went out for dinner and my sweet baboo had a brilliant idea. You are the best, darling. Sushi time, baby ❤
  21. with My value of commitment, Sushi Time in Babylon The Hague is one of our happy, favorite places. We ate when we were hungry, we stopped when we were full. I loved this place and this kind gentleman greeted us <he knows us well !>
  22. with My value of love, I love me, I love what I do and I am proud of me. The greatest love of all.
  23. with My value of love, Oops! It was my bad, I clarified this with him and I appreciated his clarification.  Thanks for your correction and I appreciated it lots.
  24. with My value of love, Oops! he apologized for his mistakes, it was all ok and I loved my mistake and I appreciated his. I Hugged our mistakes and acknowledged ourselves for being brave to admit it.
  25. with My value of love & compliment, I have got many compliment after the busy day. I gave myself a huge compliment for what I have done.
    What is my drive?
    It must be YOU.
    YOU gave me this energy. YOU gave me this extra motor oil. YOU trained me to be better. YOU showed me to improve. YOU made me better than yesterday. It must be YOU.
    I shouldn’t be upset because I am grateful for your motivation.
    I can live with or without you because I am grateful for my will power.
    I got what I wanted because I have YOU.

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