>How to make me stronger <
The logical side of me is too concerned with facts and theories on whether things have and/or will work out or not. It will try to keep me from doing things by coming up with sometimes logical and sometimes non-logical theories and explanations to the dreams that the other side of me is dying to fulfill.

But the real fact is that I cannot know anything for sure until I do it. I can never know if something will work out, merely by thinking about it. Action is the only thing that can remove any doubts I might have. Action is the only thing that will take me somewhere. And action is really the only thing I was born for.

It is easy to sit back and be comfortable, but when I get comfortable I also miss out on the things that could have happened if I just gave it a try. So always act upon a dream, an impulse, or a feeling. Rather do too much than not enough, to prevent myself from regretting not to at least have tried. Who knows, trying something out might actually take me where I always wanted to go.

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of care, Saturday and a care day, no worry, no work and just me.
  2. with My value of clarity, I wrote down my thought, my head was lighter and my ideas were out of my head.
  3. with My value of love, I love Saturday and it was Saturdate. Our quality day.
  4. with My value of love, Oops! He didn’t have his phone with him, no worry hunny, we had a normal conversation during lunch.  <Great stuff>
  5. with My value of joy, hey! Who did order the rain cloud? We didn’t see this coming and hey it was only water. I had fun to run in the rain with my love.
  6. with My value of care & partnership, I asked for support, I needed some DIY stuff to be a DIY home-improvement-woman. I was a happy assistant.
  7. with My value of care & partnership, we were a great team, it worked for us and this was done <yeah!>
  8. with My value of love, I made some home-made cards and collected new material & inspiration for the new series of happiness <my hand-made cards!>
  9. with My value of insight, Be the mirror image of what I would like to receive. When I want love, then give love. When I want friendship, then be a friend.
  10. with My value of love, I had great fun to painted my toenails, they are all green now 😛
  11. with My value of joy, Music was my first love, I have found many old & gold sounds and new songs on iMusic. So awesome! I extended my playlists.
  12. with My value of love, I enjoyed my quiet day. I enjoyed doing nothing. I enjoyed being a couch potato and I was a happy bunny.

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