Keep Clear

>Just A Thought<
When I wanna be a part of my life, the door is always open. When I want to leave my life, the door is always open. But don’t stand at the doorway, I am blocking the traffic

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of care, I was in this housewife-cleaning-mode this morning, just do it.
  2. with My value of insight, I realized that my mind is like a “window screen”, when it’s clear and clean then all ideas & love can pass and come in  easily. I didn’t mean to clean my mind <hahah … dirty mind is a joy forever! and I got that> My reset moment is: take few minutes, close my eyes and mediate <breath in> <breath out> and it helps lots. I can do this anywhere I want.
  3. with My value of care, the window screen was dusty, it was scary! Now, it was clean and I felt the lovely fresh air.
  4. with My value of care, The windows were cleaned too, it was beautiful.
  5. with My value of joy, some actions in the morning were good for me, the house is clean & neat, thanks for my help and she was amazing. Now I did my part, it was our crib.
  6. with My value of love, Oops! my oil container was broken and I didn’t do it. I heard nagging & sighing then I shared my ideas. ” Problem doesn’t exist, we all have the solution ” ” Never see a problem as a trouble, it is just a lesson and we always learn something from it”<Bam!>
  7. with My value of insight, Never limit myself and never let problem or obstacle to stop my fun. This word impossible actually means “IM possible” <Bam!> when we want and we always can do it.
  8. with My value of love, it was fun to be a part-time-housewife, thing is fixed and without bugs or nags. I loved the result and our crib smelled like citrus with love 😉
  9. with My value of care & partnership, when I have a situation that I don’t know how to handle it, then I ask for support.  It is all cool to know what I don’t know. Asking support is an important process to create partnership, trust, cooperation, respect and most of all FUN. It’s always fun to do a task together than alone. Surely when I can handle a situation myself, I go for it immediately.
  10. with My value of love & joy, I recognized my CP “take myself for granted”. I was bored and I looked for challenge or FOOD. Hey, I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t fight against it and I only distracted my mind. I made a list of home-improvement-tasks and I kept my monkey mind busy. Food is friend and not excuses! I love food ❤
  11. with My value of awareness, I am genuinely bullshit intolerant (BSI). It’s not like cow milk (lactose) intolerance.  What is the point to start a conversation with ” you know the problem is .. ” and Is there a problem in every situation ? It’s really BS.
    When my BS alarm was activated then I gotta take action or speak up. Agree or disagree, I may choose what I wanna hear and I wanna say.
    My bottom line : I don’t offend anyone and I am a polite person.
    It’s very rude to myself when I gotta say something about it at that moment, I pretend that’s nothing happened. I shut my mouth, turn my head away and what am I thinking? Will I get into trouble?
    In most of the time, I got great feedback when I spoke up about some issues and people appreciated my remarks. Sharing is caring and I am definitely not in trouble.  I simply share my care, I take this risk and I invest it to you.
  12. with My value of clarity, I read this article about social media, like Facebook, twitter etc. The social media is powerful, the news spread fast and it has certain impact on different levels.
    Why is it so powerful? We gave the power to social media. We use this power to serve us <whatever purpose we wanna achieve>
    What is social media for me? Social media is a tool for me to share, to socialize and to keep contact with people. It’s a tool and it’s up 24/7. Social media doesn’t need to sleep and I do.
    Once a while I had this brain fart moment and I would like to share a word or 2 .. maybe 3. Then I shared my ideas on social media. It can be bullshit or it can be inspiring or it can offensive. It’s all my opinion and so far I didn’t get a letter from any lawyer.
    These LIKES, LOVE, HAHA, WOW whatever reactions are not the energy for my drive. They are not the fuel for my ego. They are not the air I breath in. They are not the confirmation for who I am. They are just an reaction of someone. When someone are really fucking hate my pretty face or hate my crazy selfie then I will not make fuss about it. Perhaps my face is so pretty and it makes you uncomfortable.
    Will I do something about my face when you hate my selfie? fuck no! Will I have sleepless night when someone hate my pretty face? fuck no again.  Why would I give my power away for banana’s ?
    The worst of all, when no one pressed LIKES for me, then I am all fine too. My life is outside the social media and it looks different from inside the social media. It’s a big different between reality and cyber-fantasy. Ha! I love this telly program ” Catfish ” on MTV . This program makes me think a lot and my question was ” why the hell ? ”
    I will not quit using social media, I will use it for my favorite. I will use it to share my fun. I will use it to spread my bullshit. I will use it to share my love. I am too curious for new things out there and it tickles my imagination too.

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