Find My Favorites

>Just A Thought<
The sad truth is that there are some people who will only be there for me as long as I have something they need. When I no longer serve a purpose to them, they will leave.  When I tough it out, I’ll eventually weed these people out of my life and be left with some great people I can count on. I rarely lose friends, I just gradually figure out who my real ones are.

>My Successes of the day<

  1. with My value of joy, it was a bright day and I am recharged from a good night rest.
  2. with My value of joy, I walked in the rain, I didn’t walk back to pick up my umbrella and it was great to feel the water on my face and hair.
  3. with My value of care & partnership, I gave my feedback and I clarified why it was. It was wrong and gotta be corrected.
  4. with My value of kindness, I got her feedback and I realized why it happened. I clarified this with my kindness and I appreciated her partnership.
  5. with My value of love, SSDD and Oops several times. I loved their mistakes and it was all fine. Let it go.
  6. with My value of care & partnership, I appreciated her support and partnership. It was important to create partnership, the cooperation and fun.
  7. with My value of compliment, I shared my compliment with them, I appreciated their care, their support and their partnership. They are the best.
  8. with My value of clarity, I clarified this with him, before I wasted my time again and I waited for their feedback. <Bam!>
  9. with My value of clarity, I clarified this with her, it was all fine to tell up front and clear the air. Clarification of expectation works for us.
  10. with My value of compliment, she gave me her compliment, she appreciated my adaptation, contribution and motivation. She knew I knew what we wanted in this game, this will be our trophy. <woo hoo>
  11. with My value of care, he rang me and clarified this for me. I appreciated his support, in the meanwhile I will be here and  I am ready for my next step. My dream will come true very soon.
  12. with My value of sharing, I shared this with him, I appreciated his care and he was the ear. I liked it and thank you so much.
  13. with My value of insight, true wisdom is a great blend of myself and everything and everyone around me. It’s through my exposure to the environment around me and with others that I learn the most about life and about myself.
    Open myself up to what the world has to offer. Travel like the bee. Smell all the flowers and find my favorites. I am sure that, at the end of it all, I will know the true wisdom.
  14. with My value of fun, I enjoyed my lunch walk, it was great to have some fresh air and the sun was there. Lovin it.
  15. with My value of determination, I determined to test this new rules module, it was a simple set up and I was excited to get the cool result.

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