Passions & Excitement

>Just A Thought<
Life is a lot less exciting and fun on a day-to-day basis if there is no passion for what I do. My passion projects keep me engaged and feel purpose, even when times get tough. So no matter how busy or preoccupied I may feel, don’t forget to remember what excites me and work on those projects.

>My Successes of my day<

  1. with My value of care, the last day of my antibiotic treatment, woo hoo! I felt much better and recovered well.
  2. with My value of insight, I choose to be happy. When I spend all of my time expecting bad things to happen, then there won’t be any time to enjoy life.
  3. with My value of proud, I was proud of my curiosity. I was proud to be a persistent learner. I was proud of what I did. I was proud of my contribution.
  4. with My value of openness, I shared my event with her for the first time. I dared to say it and it was just a mistake. It was just an old news and it didn’t excite me anymore. Thank you for being the ear.
  5. with My value of joy, I was back on track, my weight was just numbers and it was my friend. It showed me my wellness, I gotta take more care to myself and I was happy for what I achieved so far.
  6. with My value of joy, I enjoyed our Saturdate and we explored in the city.
  7. with My value of fun, I got nervous when I saw these small figures and I asked for support and asked my question. I may paint my first war hammer figure for free <Wauw!>
  8. with My value of awareness, I understood why I felt nervous. < it was new and unknown to me> I dared to do it, I opened up for the new hobby and I had fun.
  9. with My value of joy, it was relaxing, I was focusing and I enjoyed painting. It was my cool, new hobby.
  10. with My value of love, my sweet baboo supported me, he helped me out and it was a fun afternoon.
  11. with My value of care, I took a nap in between and it was great <hehe>
  12. with My value of joy & love, it was weekend, chilling out and I had fun.
  13. with My value of love, I loved to chat with my dear friend, I had a good laugh and thank you so much sweetie ❤

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